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New art gallery opens at Ann’s Choice

Venue features talent of residents, off-campus artists, staff, student servers

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September 15th, 2016
A sampling of the more than 40 works on display in the opening exhibit of The Gallery at Ann’s Choice.

A sampling of the more than 40 works on display in the opening exhibit of The Gallery at Ann’s Choice.

When Ann’s Choice residents come up with great ideas, everyone lends their talents to make them happen. Sherry Resnick’s idea is an example.

Sherry, who moved to Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., from Huntington Valley, is a photographer. She belongs to the Huntington Valley Camera Club and has exhibited at local galleries, including retirement communities.

Because Ann’s Choice is home to many artists who display their work on campus, “I thought it would be lovely to have an official gallery here,” Sherry says.

She broached her idea to a Resident Advisory Council member and to community resources staff. Everyone loved it. 

Sherry next shared her thoughts with Edie Krieger, her former Huntington Valley neighbor, who now lives at Ann’s Choice and also belongs to the camera club. 

“I was involved from the moment Sherry mentioned her great idea,” Edie says. 

Community Resources Coordinator Tina Ruzzi-Longello became the staff contact. “But Sherry and Edie spearheaded the project,” Ruzzi-Longello says. 

A long wall in Liberty Commons Clubhouse proved the ideal venue to hang paintings and photos. Its location directly across from Liberty’s creative arts studio gave The Gallery at Ann’s Choice a place to exhibit three-dimensional art.

Partners in success

Sherry and Edie wrote up a proposal and partnered with Ruzzi-Longello and other staff to work out the many details. 

They also compiled a list of resident artists and visited them to view their work. They ultimately selected works from 25 artists, more than 40 pieces in all.

Edie designed a spreadsheet to track the pieces on display and to label and number the works. She also suggested and organized a People’s Choice award; it went to Andy Tracy for his painting.

Handling the technical issues, resident life staff researched and procured a specialized hanging system, and Edie drafted her son-in-law to help hang the exhibit.

The gallery’s grand opening this April included a standing-room-only Meet the Artists event. 

“Staff is in awe at the depth and breadth of artistic talent at Ann’s Choice,” says Ruzzi-Longello, “and residents are thrilled to have a gallery right on campus.”

Creating the gallery and mounting the first exhibit was no small feat. “My reward is the joy we have been able to bring to Ann’s Choice residents,” Edie says.

“When I went to apartments,” she adds, “I found beautiful paintings and photos, some from decades ago and some recent, and I learned there are many more works hidden in storage lockers and children’s garages. I look forward to displaying them in future exhibits.”

Future exhibits

The Gallery at Ann’s Choice hung a new exhibit this July that displayed photographs by Huntington Valley Camera Club members, including Sherry and Edie.

The daylong opening included a Meet the Photographers session, a program about documentary photographers Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange, and a Swedish drama about early twentieth-century photographer Maria Larsson.  

Future shows will alternate among exhibits of work by residents, off-campus artists, Ann’s Choice staff, or the community’s student servers.