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Plenty of space

Devonshire couple’s home accommodates their art collection, baby grand

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September 2nd, 2016
Devonshire resident Lucy Schachter’s fingers dance across the keys of her baby grand piano. Classical or ragtime, Lucy plays her favorites from memory.

Devonshire resident Lucy Schachter’s fingers dance across the keys of her baby grand piano. Classical or ragtime, Lucy plays her favorites from memory.

“We have the best apartment here!” claims Eddie Schachter.

Last autumn, Eddie and his wife Lucy moved from Boca Woods to a two-bedroom 2,090-square-foot Kensington-style apartment home at Devonshire at PGA National, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens. 

The home’s previous occupant had customized it by removing walls in its common areas to create one large open, airy room that suits the Schachters perfectly. 

The layout suggests a city loft and provides extensive wall space for the couple’s large paintings. An especially large one, Lucy’s favorite, hangs in the living room section of the “loft.” 

Eddie’s office commands what had been a semi-enclosed den section, and Lucy’s baby grand piano takes center stage in the original dining area. 

“We have plenty of space to be comfortable,” Eddie says.

Both he and Lucy immigrated to America. She came from Vienna, Austria, and he from Cologne, Germany. 

Eddie arrived through Ellis Island at age 15 and served in the U.S. Army during WWII. 

Then, in what he calls a “stroke of luck,” he found himself in Greenwich, Conn., where he bought Richards of Greenwich from the original owner and transformed it into a men’s luxury retail clothing store.

“I was in retail for 30 years,” Eddie says, “so I know about good customer service. Devonshire’s sales staff and Gayle Hills, who manages the design center, deliver excellent service.”

The Schachters worked with Hills for updates to their master bathroom. “We have a roomy shower, lots of storage, and walls for pictures. Everything is spotless and brand new,” says Eddie. 

Activities galore

Devonshire provides its members a wide array of activities, including frequent live entertainment. After dinner in one of the five clubhouse restaurants, the Schachters adjourn to its performing arts center or cocktail lounge for musical performances. 

Lucy is a pianist. She majored in voice at the Music and Art High School in New York City and earned a diploma in music at The Juilliard School. 

She’s gone on Devonshire’s bus to see the Miami Ballet at Kravis Center. And she’s used Devonshire’s club car transportation for medical appointments.

When she’s not at her piano, Lucy is likely in the clubhouse; she plays bridge four times a week and participates in fitness classes. 

Eddie, a sports enthusiast, takes advantage of the corporate privileges at PGA National Resort and Spa that Devonshire members enjoy. He plays golf there twice a week and tennis three times a week.

At Devonshire, Eddie plays poker and duplicate bridge. 

He’s happy that he and Lucy live at Devonshire. “Things couldn’t be nicer or more convenient,” he says.