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Preparing to move

Help is available for all aspects of downsizing, moving to Eagle’s Trace

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September 15th, 2016
Haven Benoit, personal moving consultant at Eagle’s Trace, helps future residents plan their move to the West Houston Erickson Living community.

Haven Benoit, personal moving consultant at Eagle’s Trace, helps future residents plan their move to the West Houston Erickson Living community.

Haven Benoit, personal moving consultant at Eagle’s Trace, just might be the busiest person at the West Houston Erickson Living community.

“Every day is full,” says Benoit, who offers complimentary coordination of moving services for anyone planning to move to Eagle’s Trace.

These days, the number of anticipated move-ins is at an all-time high, thanks to next month’s opening of Amarillo Terrace, the community’s newest residence building.

A more manageable move

Many of those who have reserved an apartment in Amarillo Terrace have already listed their houses and are in the process of downsizing. Moving can be an overwhelming process, and that’s where Benoit comes in.

“My job is to simplify the move in any way I can,” says Benoit. “Some people don’t even know where to start, so we break the process down into manageable tasks.

Benoit says that every situation is unique, and she tailors her assistance to meet each individual’s specific needs.

“Once someone has reserved an apartment, I schedule a visit to meet with them in their home,” says Benoit. “I bring a magnetic floor plan of their new home with moveable furniture pieces to scale, so we can start to identify the furniture they will bring with them to Eagle’s Trace and where those pieces will best fit in their new apartment.”

Benoit also maintains a network of Erickson Living-preferred moving professionals—from real estate agents to senior move managers to moving companies—who have proven track records and experience helping seniors move.

Guiding principles

Senior move managers Crystal and Greg Drake, with Lone Star Transitions, have been helping Eagle’s Trace residents downsize and move for the past two years. They are part of the Erickson Living-preferred network of moving professionals.

“We try to make the move as stress free as possible,” says Crystal. “We have a few guiding principles to help simplify the experience.”

The first principle the Drakes stress is attention to detail. If a client has silverware in the drawer to the right of the oven, for instance, they will unpack the silverware in the same location in the new apartment at Eagle’s Trace. 

The Drakes also train their team to pack with the unpacking in mind.

“If collectibles were in the living room, for instance, but now they will be displayed in the second bedroom, we pack them with the other items going in the second bedroom,” says Greg, a retired logistics officer with the U.S. Air Force. 

Finally, the Drakes want to lift as much stress as they can off the shoulders of the client.

“We typically pack up one day and move the next,” says Crystal. “When we pack, we leave the bed and bedding intact. On moving day, we pack up the bed, wash the sheets, and put clean sheets back on the bed in the new apartment. We try to minimize the disruption for our clients.”

Solution seekers

Tom and Sandy Wills plan to move to Amarillo Terrace and have already sold their home in the Woods of Lakeside subdivision. They have been working with Lone Star Transitions throughout the downsizing process.

“Our homeowners’ association doesn’t allow garage sales and in-home estate sales,” says Sandy. “Greg and Crystal set up an online auction to help us sell the items we aren’t bringing with us to Eagle’s Trace. It was a great solution.”

Moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Benoit and the Erickson Realty and Moving Services program have the resources to ease the transition to Eagle’s Trace.

Additionally, those who use an Erickson Living-preferred real estate agent are eligible to be reimbursed for up to $2,000 of their moving expenses through Erickson’s Move on Us program. Call the Eagle’s Trace sales office at 281-661-1403 for more details.