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Synchronicity steps in

Local artist moves to Lantern Hill

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September 20th, 2016
Pam Gosner’s paintings hang in the sales center at Lantern Hill, the New Providence, N.J., community where she just moved in July.

Pam Gosner’s paintings hang in the sales center at Lantern Hill, the New Providence, N.J., community where she just moved in July.

If you’ve visited Lantern Hill, you may recognize the name Pam Gosner. Pam’s artwork graces the halls of the sales center. Now, Pam’s presence graces the community as well.

After a little over two years on the priority list, Pam moved to her new apartment home at the Erickson Living community in New Providence, N.J., on July 18.

A painter and jewelry maker by trade, Pam looks forward to meeting fellow artists as well as travel companions and interesting people of all kinds. She says she has already made several acquaintances through exclusive events for priority list members and people who have reserved an apartment. Those connections have helped make Lantern Hill feel like home.

“I’m hoping to be part of a real community,” says Pam. “I really enjoyed Patricia’s vision of Lantern Hill and found it in line with my own.”

Executive Director Patricia Swan’s vision has been to create a community that celebrates life and to provide an opportunity for those who have lived in New Providence and the surrounding region to age successfully in place.

With a community art studio, classrooms, and a fitness and aquatics center on campus, and with resident life staff to help facilitate resident-run clubs and activities, interest groups have already begun to form. As more people move in, activities will blossom, and the community will be abuzz with activity.

Resourceful use of space

For Pam, who is in her mid-70s, Lantern Hill was the ideal place to age successfully. She moved from Chatham Township, where she spent most of her time in her in-home studio. 

Not much has changed in her east-facing, Douglas-style, two-bedroom apartment home at Lantern Hill except that now she has less home maintenance and more time to pursue her passions. She also has peace of mind in knowing that everything she needs is available on-site, including additional care, should she ever need it. “It occurred to me that living in a suburban area, if it came to the point when I couldn’t drive, I’d really be in the soup.”

In a resourceful use of space, Pam turned the light-filled great room into her art studio and the second bedroom into her living room. 

“I’m very happy with the floor plan and location. I got what I wanted, and it works for me,” she says. “I have a lovely view of the tree tops. It looks out toward South Street.”

Pam says that she attributes her good fortune to joining the priority list when she first started to consider moving to Lantern Hill. Though she hadn’t planned on moving to a continuing care retirement community until she turned 80, “It was such a not-major commitment to join the priority list, so I joined. As time went by, the more I saw, the more I liked,” she says. 

Pam liked it so much that she moved sooner than she had originally anticipated. 


She advises anyone considering a community like Lantern Hill to join the priority list now. “I think a person could still get what they wanted if they join now,” says the artist. “It’s a matter of synchronicity. Usually when it all falls in line, it’s meant to be.”

That’s what happened for her. “The whole process has been synchronicity,” says Pam, who sold her single-family home before listing it on the market.

She downsized using Caring Transitions, a senior move manager. While she says it was “quite a project,” she now can appreciate her hard work. She’ll never have the responsibilities of owning an aging house again, she’ll never have to cook (or clean up) if she doesn’t feel like it, and she can spend her time getting to know her neighbors and creating art. 

Pam anticipates continuing her travels with new friends, trying new hobbies, and introducing painting and jewelry making to her Lantern Hill neighbors. 

“I love having a new phase in my life. To have something stimulating to look forward to is wonderful,” she says.