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When less is more

The trend toward smaller living space has these folks living large

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September 1st, 2016
Sue Leathers loves her Abbott studio apartment home because she has more time for fun and activities.

Sue Leathers loves her Abbott studio apartment home because she has more time for fun and activities.

“I love my Abbott studio apartment home at Greenspring,” says community member Sue Leathers. “For the first time ever, my life is now my own. I’m no longer spending time keeping house and dealing with an overload of stuff. Instead, I’m out and about doing the things I love with people I care about.”

Since moving to Greenspring in 2014, Sue has enjoyed living large while drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to clean and maintain her home. 

“I came to a point in my life when I felt like I was up to my neck in stuff,” she says. “I realized that by holding on to so many things I was living my life in the past. That’s not what I want. I want to live in the now—and I couldn’t be happier.”

Less is so much more

In recent years, many Americans like Sue are opting for less space in lieu of more time for the things they enjoy. The Huffington Post article, “Smaller House, Bigger Life,” by David Geller, CEO of GV Financial Advisors, addresses the issue of quality over quantity when selecting a place to live. 

“In many cases, a smaller home that preserves the space we need to live our lives and eliminates the space we never use would better serve us,” says Geller.

“It is definitely a phenomenon we are seeing play out in the sales office,” says Greenspring Director of Sales Eric Whitson. “Demand for our studio and one-bedroom apartment homes is at an all-time high. People are eager to right-size into a space that better fits their life today and their future goals.” 

“It takes me ten minutes to clean my home. Who can beat that?” says Sue. “And the reality is that I still have more space than I really need. My Abbott is as big as many of the one-bedroom designs without the extra wall, and I enjoy two walk-in closets and a wall of windows.”

Life outside the front door

In his article Geller states, “The space you live in should empower the life you want to live.” The apartment homes at Greenspring do just that.

Community members enjoy access to a wide range of unbeatable amenities and services right outside their front door, including a state-of-the-art fitness center with indoor heated pool, a full-service medical center staffed by full-time physicians, five restaurants, a performance theater, classrooms, hair salons, and a bank. 

Greenspring also has more than 200 resident-run clubs and activities providing a wealth of opportunities to meet like-minded friends.

“The reality is, I’m never home and hardly use the space I have,” says Sue who, as a deacon for Little River United Church of Christ, serves the 30-plus church members living at Greenspring. 

Sue also spends at least five days a week volunteering at Garden Ridge, Greenspring’s continuing care community.

She also enjoys dining with friends each night at one of Greenspring’s five restaurants.

“I’ve met such wonderful friends,” she says. “There are three of us who eat together and opt for a big table so that we can meet new people. I really feel the dining keeps me healthy. It’s all about the socialization. We laugh so much and have a great time. I never, ever use my kitchen. In fact, I use my dishwasher as a filing cabinet.” 

Financially sound decision

With an occupancy rate of over 98%, one of the highest in the country for continuing care communities, Greenspring understands both what residents want and need when it comes to retirement living.

“Everyone I meet interested in the Greenspring lifestyle is eager to make a financially sound decision for their future,” says Sales Counselor Sheila Willing. “No one wants the burden of a home that is more than they can afford. Our studio homes offer that peace of mind with a smaller entrance fee and lower monthly service package fee.”

“I knew I wanted to live at Greenspring, but I also knew that I wanted to pay a smaller amount to do so,” says Sue. “For me, a studio apartment home offered the best of both worlds.”

Selecting a studio home at Greenspring also provides the best chance of moving to the popular community in the short term. 

“Currently, we have a small handful of studio apartment homes available,” says Willing. “But as history has shown us, they won’t last long. We anticipate filling these homes in the next four to six weeks.”

“I have never for one second regretted my decision,” says Sue. “I now live my life as I want, and I’m having a fantastic time doing so. Moving to Greenspring is the best adult decision I ever made.”