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It’s in the cards

Riderwood resident earns Life Master status

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October 13th, 2016
Annette Graubart became a Life Master bridge player after competing in a tournament in Washington, D.C.

Annette Graubart became a Life Master bridge player after competing in a tournament in Washington, D.C.

Riderwood resident Annette Graubart has been playing bridge since she was in college. She recently competed in a ten-day tournament in Washington, D.C., and earned the coveted status of Life Master bridge player. 

To earn Life Master status, members of the American Contract Bridge League, in which Annette competes, must earn 300 master points, including 50 black, 50 silver, and 50 red or gold/platinum points. 

“People came from all over the world, and it was a very exciting experience,” Annette says of the tournament, which took place at the Wardman Park Hotel. 

Life goal acheived

Annette and her bridge partner, David Handwerker, played three sessions a day. The pair took second place in a knockout round, which brought Annette closer to her goal of achieving life master status.

“You can only get gold points in national or regional tournaments,” Annette says. “I had [black and silver points] for a long time, so it was very exciting. The next day, I played again, and it was a cinch because I wasn’t so nervous.”

Annette plays in bridge games twice a week outside of Riderwood. She hasn’t yet joined in the games that take place in the community’s clubhouse, but the bridge players at Riderwood are happy to have a newly minted Life Master in their midst. 

“Everybody has been really nice and excited about my winning,” Annette says. “I keep bringing them wine at the tables to celebrate.”

Annette says she enjoys bridge because it is not a game of luck like some other card games. She was encouraged to see at the recent tournament that young people are gravitating to the game. 

“It was so exciting watching them play,” she says.

Gaming with friends

A native New Yorker, Annette moved to Riderwood a little more than a year ago to be closer to her children. Shortly after moving to the community, her husband passed away, and she says she truly appreciated the support of her neighbors during that difficult time.

“I’ve met very nice people here, and they have made my life so much better,” she says. “When my husband passed, they were absolutely, positively fabulous to me.”

Annette teamed up with fellow neighbors Nancy and Dick Pawliger to start a twice-monthly evening game night at Riderwood. The group has grown to about 35 people who gather after dinner to play rounds of Scattergories, Celebrity, and Pictionary. 

“If you walk by the room where we are playing, people are just laughing and laughing,” Annette says. “We really have the best time.”