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There’s no time like the present

You could move to Greenspring before winter

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October 10th, 2016
Personal Moving Consultant Anna Greves has literally helped hundreds of people move to Greenspring in Springfield, Va.

Personal Moving Consultant Anna Greves has literally helped hundreds of people move to Greenspring in Springfield, Va.

“Before I moved to Greenspring, I had friends tell me I was too young,” says 73-year-old Sue Leathers. “And I just laughed. Too young for what—to have fun? No! I’m too young to waste my time caring for a too-big house when I could be having the time of my life.”

Luckily for people like Sue who are eager to leave behind the burdens associated with home ownership, a handful of studio and one-bedroom apartment homes are currently available at Greenspring, the Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va. However, as a community boasting one of the highest occupancy rates for continuing care communities in the nation, and a priority list of over 1,200 people, they won’t last long.

Throughout the summer and early fall, the Greenspring sales office has seen a drastic increase in the number of people scheduling appointments in hopes of moving before winter. 

Many of them meet with Greenspring Personal Moving Consultant Anna Greves, who is busier than ever helping those who’ve made the decision to move, next sell their home, downsize, pack, and make their moving dreams a reality.

Recently, Greves addressed some of her most frequently asked questions in hopes of helping others make this important decision.  

Q: I joined the priority list because I hope to someday move to Greenspring, but how will I know if I’m ready?

A: While that is a truly personal decision that can only be answered by you, I can share with you that many people “on the fence” regarding a future move don’t always take into account the true cost of waiting. There are expenses associated with owning a house, including utilities, property taxes, insurance, and repairs. 

Then there are also the less tangible benefits of moving that should be considered, including peace of mind, on-site health care, and the wide range of activities available to community members. These are the things you cannot put a price on. 

I can also say that while I have met with people who initially hesitated to move, I have never heard anyone express regret after the fact. If anything, residents tell me their one regret was not moving sooner. 

Q: We’ve lived in our house for many years. It seems like such a daunting project to move somewhere new. Are resources available to help me take the leap?

A: Definitely. Every day I work with people eager to leave behind their homes for a new life at Greenspring. I make it my number one priority to make the move from your current house to Greenspring as stress-free and seamless as possible. 

To do that, I meet with people in their current homes to discuss their expectations and to create a comprehensive selling and moving plan based on their individual needs. During the meeting, I provide information on the wide variety of resources available through Erickson Realty and Moving Services, including real estate agents, downsizing experts, clean-out services, packers, and movers. 

Everyone I recommend is screened and has worked with Greenspring before. They have been handpicked because of the quality of services they provide. The most important thing people need to know is that I will be with them every step of the moving process no matter what time of year they decide to move.

Q: Friends tell me that I missed my chance to sell my house this year. They say that it is too difficult to sell a home in the fall or winter. Is that true?

A: Not at all. In fact, each fall and winter, I work with numerous people who are able to sell their homes, despite the change in the weather, for their full asking price. The benefits of moving now are numerous. The current real estate market boasts low inventory coupled with low interest rates. That means there are qualified buyers looking for homes to buy. 

Many people tend to think of the spring months as the best time to sell a home, but in fall, not only do we see less competition in the real estate market, we also see more serious home buyers.

No longer are people perusing their neighbors’ open houses or visiting just “to see what’s out there.” During the fall and into winter, there are still many potential buyers, those with job transfers due by the end of the year and those who may not have found the right house during the competition-filled spring and summer months.

Q: What advice can you share that will help me sell my house in the fall and winter months?

A: The secret is curb appeal. With the changing of leaves, fall is a beautiful time of year if you keep up with some basic maintenance—the lawn raked and clear, the driveway and walkways swept, and hedges and bushes trimmed. 

Sellers won’t mind the homey atmosphere of an autumn wreath or a pumpkin on your doorstep; just make sure they are in good condition. And don’t overdo it with seasonal décor. 

Once inside, potential buyers will appreciate well-lit rooms, even during the day. Keep your curtains open—windows washed—and most lights on. 

As we head into winter, your home’s outdoor appearance is still important. Remove any remaining leaves and autumn décor. Keep walkways free of snow and ice. Lighting takes on new meaning as the days grow shorter. Inside your home, add a few cozy holiday touches, but keep them simple.