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‘We like it here’

Devonshire offers a rich social life and the amenities to go with it

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October 13th, 2016
No matter what event they’re attending at  Devonshire, Marty and Shirley Orliner always  have a good time.

No matter what event they’re attending at Devonshire, Marty and Shirley Orliner always have a good time.

Future planning led Shirley and Marty Orliner to move to Devonshire at PGA National, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens, last year. 

When they developed vision problems, Shirley thought it wise to move from their home of 28 years in the Jupiter, Fla., community of Admirals Cove to a retirement community. 

Devonshire offered more of the amenities that mattered to the Orliners.

“We knew that Devonshire had a very nice transportation program, “ Shirley says, “and we really needed it.”

They rely on Devonshire’s club cars, concierge, and valet services to keep area appointments, and they ride its shuttle to scheduled cultural performances, local attractions, and shopping malls.

They also value that Devonshire is a life care community. Should one of them need extra care, they’re assured of access to services that have achieved five-star ratings at Chatsworth, Devonshire’s rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood.

Superior services plus friendly neighbors

Shirley says there’s something else that’s especially important about Devonshire. “It’s the friendliness of the people,” she says. “They want to be with one another.”

Devonshire is renowned for its rich social life of live entertainment four nights a week, a full calendar of activities and outings, and special events and celebrations throughout the year.

That convivial atmosphere matches Shirley’s personality. She never declines when someone asks her and Marty to join them for superior cuisine in Devonshire’s five clubhouse restaurants.

 “We can start out as a twosome and end up with eight people at our table,” she says. Perhaps that’s because Shirley’s sunny disposition is contagious.

It’s what attracted Marty to her more than 60 years ago. They lived in Philadelphia then, and the precipitating event was the wedding of his friend to Shirley’s sister. 

As Marty enjoyed a drink at the reception, he couldn’t keep his eyes off the dance floor.  

There was Shirley, who excelled at ballroom dancing and even owned a dance studio. 

“I was dancing and having a good time,” she says. “Then a friend of my sister’s tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘See that guy over there? He says he’s going to marry you.’”

That guy was Marty, whose natural reserve kept him from introducing himself. In fact, Shirley says, six weeks passed before he “got around” to calling her.

Things moved quickly from there. Marty loved being with such a joyful person, and Shirley was drawn to his calm nature. “I thought, ‘He’s a nice, quiet person to be around, and that was important to me,’” she says.

They married a year later. 

They moved to Florida when Marty closed Berman Knitting Mills and retired.

Now at Devonshire, they reside in a light, airy, two-bedroom apartment they’ve customized with their favorite wood flooring in the living room. They also had a vanity created in the master bathroom.

To leave a legacy for their children, when the Orliners reserved their apartment style they chose Devonshire’s 90% entrance fee refund plan. It’s one of several financial options detailed in Devonshire’s residency contract.

“I think it’s lovely we have that option,” says Shirley. 

The community’s sensible financial structure is just one more thing that sets Devonshire apart. 

“We like it here,” Shirley says.