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Why wait?

Your best life starts now at Eagle’s Trace

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October 13th, 2016
Eagle’s Trace resident Garland Walker enjoys a March ski trip to Copper Mountain in Colorado. He brought the Tribune along for the ride!

Eagle’s Trace resident Garland Walker enjoys a March ski trip to Copper Mountain in Colorado. He brought the Tribune along for the ride!

As the sales counselor at Eagle’s Trace, Jodie Schroeder meets with dozens of prospective residents each month.

“The best advice I can give someone who is considering a move to Eagle’s Trace is don’t wait,” says Schroeder. “Come when you can dance in and enjoy all the community has to offer. Some people tell me they are going to wait until they need to move. They don’t realize the vibrant, active lifestyle they can enjoy right now.”

In Schroeder’s experience, the biggest obstacle to making a move is often the family home.

“People are reluctant to let go of their house,” says Schroeder. “They think they’ll be giving up their freedom. The reality is often the opposite. Our residents discover a freedom that’s hard to put into words once they let go of the chores and maintenance associated with owning a home.”

Garland Walker recognizes the feeling. He moved to Eagle’s Trace with his wife Rebecca in February 2016.

“Every time we drive by a Home Depot or Lowe’s and see people buying plants and fertilizer and lawn mowers, I think ‘I’m sure glad I don’t have to do that anymore,’” says Garland.

The couple decided to move to Eagle’s Trace after spending two nights at the West Houston community as part of the Live the Life package, which allows guests to stay overnight, meet residents, attend activities, and dine in the on-site restaurants.

Benefits of the priority list

“We met so many nice people, both residents and staff, that we felt confident moving forward,” says Garland. “Once we decided to move, we were on the priority list for a while because we were waiting for a specific floor plan.”

The priority list is made up of prospective Eagle’s Trace residents who have put down a fully refundable $1,000 deposit, plus a $150-per-person nonrefundable processing fee, to reserve their place in line for the apartment home of their choice. When the desired floor plan becomes available, the sales team gives first right of refusal to priority list members based on the date they make their deposit. 

“Whether you’re planning to move in a few months or a few years, joining the priority list is the best way to ensure you’ll get the apartment you want,” says Schroeder. 

Garland and Rebecca had their eye on the Gilman floor plan, an extra-large, one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath apartment with a den.

“When Jodie called to let us know she had a Gilman available, it put everything in motion for us,” says Garland.

Moving help available

The couple worked with Personal Moving Consultant Haven Benoit to coordinate the details of their move. Benoit offers complimentary coordination of moving services for anyone moving to an Erickson Living community, including referrals to real estate agents, senior move managers, and moving companies.

“Haven visited us in our home and helped us identify which furniture pieces would work in our new apartment,” says Garland. “She also referred us to the real estate agent who listed our home.”

During their first open house, more than 85 people walked through Garland and Rebecca’s four-bedroom, two-bath house in Sugarland.

“We had a cash offer three days later, and our home closed in less than a month,” says Garland.

Schroeder says the couple’s story is not unusual. 

“At Eagle’s Trace, we have the resources to help our future residents through the moving process,” says Schroeder.

Embracing their freedom

Now that they’ve lived at Eagle’s Trace for several months, Garland and Rebecca relish their freedom from home maintenance.

“One of our smoke detectors began to beep,” says Garland. “Within ten minutes, a general services staff member was in our apartment changing out the batteries in all our smoke detectors.”

The couple also enjoys the freedom to lock their door and go. An outdoorsman, Garland has traveled to Colorado with friends several times since moving.

“Our only regret is that we didn’t move to Eagle’s Trace sooner,” he says.