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Feeling lucky

That’s how Betty Lauer describes her life at Devonshire

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November 3rd, 2016
Devonshire resident Betty Lauer, one of the editors of Devonshire Times, reviews a copy of the newspaper.

Devonshire resident Betty Lauer, one of the editors of Devonshire Times, reviews a copy of the newspaper.

Although Devonshire at PGA National is home to hundreds of interesting and accomplished people, Betty Lauer stands out. 

With her journalism background and positive attitude, she’s up-to-date about everyone and everything at Erickson Living’s luxurious retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens. 

Following a somewhat haphazard upbringing in Long Island, New York City, and Westchester, Betty wasn’t sure where she belonged. “So I tried my hand at everything,” she says, “and I found out I could do anything I put my mind to.”

Betty studied journalism in college and then went to fashion school. She took up painting and photography. She made slipcovers and clothes. 

She has always worked. “I had to after a divorce because I had three boys and a mortgage,” Betty says. 

Among several jobs, she was an account executive with Yellow Pages and later helped build Getting to Know You, a Welcome Wagon rival that eventually bought out its competitor.

She’s still active. Betty has volunteered at a local hospice for ten years, serves on Devonshire’s marketing committee, and writes stories about her life.

But she’s best known at Devonshire for her work on its bimonthly newspaper Devonshire Times

She’s one of its three editors who write for, edit, proof, and generally oversee every aspect of the paper. She’s also the staff photographer.  

“Our intent is to inform, entertain, and educate,” Betty says.

She writes the paper’s restaurant reviews and articles about Devonshire’s winter cabaret events. Cabaret evenings in Devonshire’s Stratford Performing Arts Center feature exceptional gourmet meals and spectacular, Broadway-quality entertainment. 

The obvious move 

Betty knew about Devonshire because she’d lived in PGA’s Eagleton Estates for 13 years.  But after she was widowed, she moved to Jupiter, then considered moving back to a condominium in PGA.

“The condo was lovely except for all the work it needed,” Betty says. “And if I’d have moved there, I’d still be alone. I told myself to walk across the street to Devonshire.”

A sales associate showed her a first-floor Hyland apartment style that had just become available. As soon as she walked in, Betty could envision herself living there. She reserved it immediately.

The Hyland featured two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a den, a terrace for Betty’s plants, and “about ten closets,” she says. “It even had a place for my bridge table. It’s like it was meant for me.” 

Betty customized her kitchen by removing part of a wall to create an extra-deep counter, and she commissioned a built-in bookcase at one end of the room. 

The deep counter serves her as a multipurpose desk where she sometimes writes her articles. She also writes in her second bedroom, now her computer/guest room.  

The apartment draws abundant light, giving Betty’s home a cheerful ambience. “I love my apartment,” she says. “It’s wonderful to spend a day busy with people. But I’m also happy to walk in here.”

Every time she drives home to Devonshire, she feels lucky to live there. “So many people are unlucky, and I could have been one of them,” Betty says. “But I made a life for myself and I have a handful of good friends. I feel I’m blessed.”