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From house to hassle-free

Trading winter worries for hobbies old and new

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November 4th, 2016
Rosemary McDonough enjoys maintenance-free living at Linden Ponds in Hingham.

Rosemary McDonough enjoys maintenance-free living at Linden Ponds in Hingham.

Rosemary McDonough used to live in a Colonial style house in Braintree, Mass., where she raised five children. The house served her and her family well, until recent years, when climbing the stairs started to take a toll on Barbara’s knee. 

About two years ago, she decided it was time to make a change. She moved to Linden Ponds just in time to avoid all of the hassles that come with winter in Massachusetts—icy roads, snow-filled gutters, and furnaces that always decide to break down on the coldest night, just to name a few. 

The right fit

Rosemary had friends who had been living at Linden Ponds for several years, so she had the opportunity to visit the community for dinners at the on-site restaurants and for live performances and other entertainment. 

As a result, she was familiar with the maintenance-free lifestyle Linden Ponds provides the people who live there.

“I knew what Linden Ponds has is what I wanted and what I needed—I knew I wouldn’t have a house to worry about, and all work and expense that come with it,” Rosemary says. “I was widowed for 17 years, so if I was having the lawn cut or the roof fixed, I had to take care of it and hire people. It was time for me to move and get away from having a house.”

Reclaiming her life

Now settled in at Linden Ponds, Rosemary is involved in community life. 

She had previously been in a choir, so she joined the Linden Ponds Singers. She also stays in shape by swimming and taking exercise classes at Linden Ponds’ on-site fitness center.

“It’s wonderful to have the fitness center right there,” she says.

Rosemary has also become an honorary member of Linden Ponds’ veterans club. 

While she is not officially a veteran, the military has been an important part of her life. Her late husband was a Marine, and Rosemary was employed for 21 years at a VA medical center, where she worked in recreation therapy and other roles. 

Rosemary marched in the Fourth of July parade with the Linden Ponds veterans club, and earlier in the year, she was given a great honor.

“I was asked to place the wreath at the memorial here at Linden Ponds on Memorial Day, which was so special,” she says. 

Rosemary’s son, several of her seven grandchildren, as well as her four- and six-year-old great grandchildren live in the Boston area. The whole family gets together for dinner once a week.

“It is a wonderful life,” she says. “I am fortunate that I can see my family every week.”