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Maryland homeowner relies on moving experts for stress-free experience

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November 8th, 2016
The nature trail is one of the many amenities that attracted Betty Caldwell to Charlestown.

The nature trail is one of the many amenities that attracted Betty Caldwell to Charlestown.

Betty Caldwell loved everything about her Columbia, Md., home, except the stairs. Thirty years of climbing up and down three levels had taken its toll on her knees and got her thinking that maybe it was time for a change.

“I looked at a few communities in the area to get a sense of what was out there,” says Betty. “One of the things that attracted me to Charlestown [in Catonsville, Md.] was the property itself is beautiful—the grounds, the woods, the area around the chapel—that all speaks to me and reminded me of my home in Columbia.” 

With Charlestown in her sights, everything quickly fell into place. Charlestown Sales Counselor Molly Fricker helped Betty find the two-bedroom apartment she had been hoping for. 

“My apartment overlooks the nature trail facing the woods. I have these huge windows that let in tons of light, and I can see deer, fox, raccoons, and birds,” says Betty. 

Trustworthy guidance

Fricker and the Charlestown sales team also helped Betty plan and navigate her move. 

“They were extraordinarily helpful,” says Betty. “There was never pressure about moving in or selling my house or how everything was going to work out. They communicated with me throughout the whole process so I always knew what was happening. Working with an experienced team took a lot of pressure off me. I’m really grateful for that.” 

On the advice of her real estate agent, Betty decided to move first and sell her house later.

“Moving first turned out to be a great idea and allowed me to focus on the move and set my own deadlines,” says Betty. “We listed the house within a week of my moving to Charlestown and it sold within five weeks.”

It’s only been seven months, but Betty has already immersed herself in the community.

“I wanted to be in a community where I could meet people and get involved in things,” says Betty. “It’s been great meeting friends in the different restaurants. I’ve also joined the Nature Trail Committee. More and more opportunities are opening up for me as I learn more about Charlestown and that’s a good feeling!”