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7 reasons to love Cedar Crest

Time to think outside the house

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December 15th, 2016
Dorothy and Michael Flynn traded their 120-year-old house for maintenance-free living at Cedar Crest, where they enjoy the view from their balcony.

Dorothy and Michael Flynn traded their 120-year-old house for maintenance-free living at Cedar Crest, where they enjoy the view from their balcony.

What are your retirement priorities? Maybe you dream of living free of maintenance. Or perhaps you’re more practical and want the peace of mind continuing care provides. Do you look for sound financial investments? Or maybe you look for interest groups and social interaction.

“People choose Cedar Crest for many different reasons,” says Sales Associate Kelly Tapp. “But we do hear six or seven priorities most often. And Cedar Crest fulfills them all.” 

Regardless of their number-one reason for moving there from a single family home, townhouse, or condo, most of the people who live at Cedar Crest share the same vision of retirement—vibrant living backed by peace of mind.

Read on to meet several people who live at the Pompton Plains, N.J., Erickson Living community and hear why they have chosen to spend their lives at Cedar Crest. 

1. Full-service medical care

Natalie Saunders and her husband Alfred moved to Cedar Crest five years ago from Kinnelon for several reasons but most importantly for convenient, expert medical care.  

“We’re very happy here,” Natalie says. “We have a tremendous amount of interests that we can explore. We have excellent medical care. They just take care of us so well. My husband isn’t able to get around as well so it’s been easier for him since everything is on one level or accessible by elevators.”

2. On-site continuing care

Taking peace of mind to the next level, nearly all residents appreciate having continuing care and rehabilitation available on site. Should a spouse or friend need additional care, it’s easy to visit daily. 

John Devine realized the benefit of continuing care right away.

“My wife and I were planning on retiring in Greenwich Village. Then suddenly she contracted a very serious neurological ailment. I realized I needed to be somewhere where I’d be able to move her [if needed] to additional care. Cedar Crest has continuing care on site,” he says.

“I consider myself very fortunate to live here,” John adds. “It’s turned out to be a good decision.”

3. Sound financial structure

Peace of mind doesn’t just come from the exceptional and convenient health care at Cedar Crest. It also comes from the community’s sound financial structure.

Before trading their condo for an apartment home at Cedar Crest, Leo and Elaine Thomas did their retirement research. They compared living costs to see which option would be most budget friendly. 

Cedar Crest was the best value and most reliable financial structure because it offers peace of mind and predictability.

“We felt the costs were comparable and more attractive than living in our condo,” Leo says. “Because of that and the upkeep costs we’d be saving, we felt it was a positive move.”

A refundable entrance deposit secures their apartment and protects their nest egg, while a monthly service package covers their living expenses. So instead of juggling a stack of bills each month, they write just one check. Full details are available in Cedar Crest’s Residence and Care Agreement.

The predictable monthly service fee, which corresponds to the size of each apartment home, includes all home maintenance, professional landscaping, property taxes, 24/7 security, utilities, a flexible meal plan, and use of all amenities like the indoor pool and fitness center. It also includes snow-clearing services in winter and year-round transportation to and from local destinations like the grocery store and doctors’ offices. 

4. Convenience

In addition to its convenient billing structure, Cedar Crest has made nearly everything else convenient as well.  

Three years ago, Dorothy McMahon made a proactive decision about aging. Though she lived comfortably in a condo in Pequannock Township, she realized that the day may come when she could no longer drive. She didn’t want her active lifestyle to be hindered.

In November 2013, Dorothy moved to Cedar Crest. 

“It was a good move,” she says. “So much is available on campus if you can’t drive.” A medical center with full-time physicians, a bank, a pharmacy, activities, restaurants and a pub, and a fitness and aquatics center are just a few of Cedar Crest’s on-site amenities.

What’s more convenient than having all your needs within walking distance? Having them all under one roof. Climate-controlled, glass-enclosed walkways connect every building at Cedar Crest, so residents need not venture out in snow, rain, or extreme temperatures. 

5. Activities

Practicalities aside, most everyone chooses Cedar Crest for its active lifestyle, whether it’s number one or number five on their list of priorities. 

Harry Smith co-chairs the Republican Club at Cedar Crest, but that’s not all. He and his wife Barbara moved from the Borough of Ramsey, where they were involved in the community, to Cedar Crest so that they could extend their active lifestyle. 

“We thoroughly enjoy our time here,” says Harry. “We’re involved in other activities, physical and mental. There are activities for everybody, and we enjoy that.”

6. Friendships

With activities come friendships. 

Marion Spilatro says she’s much happier at Cedar Crest than if she had stayed in her house, isolated from others. 

“I can maintain my friendships because when I lived by myself, I didn’t see the people I was friendly with as often as I’d like. Here, you can see friends every night if you want,” she says.

For John Devine, forming friendships has helped him adjust and enjoy his retirement. 

“I’m very fortunate to be here, and I’ve made very, very dear friends. It’s always a pleasure to be able to have dinner with them on a regular basis and share things with them,” he says.

7. Maintenance-free living

How do residents have time for all these activities and friendships? Without the inconvenience of house maintenance and repairs, people are free to spend their valuable time exactly the way they want. 

Dorothy and Michael Flynn traded their 120-year-old house and all its maintenance for a two-bedroom, one-bath, Frederick-style apartment home at Cedar Crest. 

Dorothy replaced chores and cooking dinner with shuffleboard and book club.

Michael hasn’t missed mowing the lawn throughout the spring and summer, and he can’t wait for the first snowfall—Cedar Crest’s grounds crew will take care of plowing, shoveling, and salting walkways. 

“Without a doubt I’m enjoying it—no more chores,” he says. “Cedar Crest was a good choice for us financially. Our house was getting older and harder to maintain. All the niceties of everyday life were not enjoyable anymore.”

Not sure what you’re looking for in retirement? Contact the Cedar Crest sales office to start your retirement research and find out if Cedar Crest is right for you.