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7 reasons to love Lantern Hill

Time to think outside the house

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December 15th, 2016
As chair of the library committee at Lantern Hill, George Jonovich says he makes friends more quickly—one of seven top reasons people choose the New Providence, N.J., Erickson Living community.

As chair of the library committee at Lantern Hill, George Jonovich says he makes friends more quickly—one of seven top reasons people choose the New Providence, N.J., Erickson Living community.

What are your retirement priorities? Maybe you dream of living maintenance free. Or perhaps you’re more practical and want the peace of mind continuing care provides. Do you look for sound financial investments? Or maybe you look for interest groups and social interaction.

“People choose Lantern Hill for many different reasons,” says Sales Counselor Kathy Banks. “But we do hear six or seven priorities most often. And Lantern Hill fulfills them all.” 

Open just six months, Lantern Hill has quickly become a bustling community. Regardless of their number one reason for moving there from a single family home, townhouse, or condo, most people who live at Lantern Hill share
the same vision of retirement—vibrant living backed by peaceof mind.

Read on to meet several people who recently moved to the New Providence, N.J., Erickson Living community and hear why they have chosen to spend their lives at Lantern Hill. 

1. Full-service medical care

Dave and Valarie Marr wanted to move out of their house while they were still young enough to sustain a move and enjoy activities and amenities. Lantern Hill’s onsite medical center drove their decision home.

“We wanted to be close to good medical care and good hospitals,” says Dave. “Most of our doctors are at Summit Medical Group (SMG), and the new agreement between Lantern Hill and SMG is perfect for us. The other alternative that we’d been considering had some medical drawbacks to it. Lantern Hill satisfies all of the things that we were worried about, and the medical situation was the most important.”  

SMG leases the medical center space in Lantern Hill’s Union Square building, which houses all amenities as well as 83 apartment homes. 

Staff physicians and advanced practice nurses (A.P.N.s) keep scheduled hours to see both Lantern Hill residents as well as residents from the surrounding community.

At its core, the Lantern Hill medical center encourages both Medicare annual wellness visits, conducted by an A.P.N., and physician assessments of functional and/or cognitive concerns.

2. On-site continuing care

SMG will also act as medical director for continuing care at Lantern Hill by overseeing the medical care patients receive during their short- or long-term stay in continuing care. 

Shirley and Mel George were planning for the future when they chose Lantern Hill. “Now we will enjoy independent living. But if in future years we need additional care, it will be available. The reassurance that this is a place that provides help was very important to us and a big reason for us to move,” Shirley says. 

When it opens in early 2017, continuing care at Lantern Hill will offer post-acute rehabilitation, assisted living, memory care, and 24-hour nursing care for rehabilitation and long-term care needs.

3. Sound financial structure

Peace of mind doesn’t just come from the exceptional and convenient health care at Lantern Hill. It also comes from the community’s sound financial structure.

Judy Cornog loves the fact that all her living expenses will be included in one monthly bill—the monthly service package. All utilities, a flexible meal plan, and weekly housekeeping are included in the affordable fixed monthly fee, which also includes secure Wi-Fi, and each apartment home has ready access to the Internet. 

“I feel very good that everything will be included in one monthly check.  That’s a great peace of mind, knowing what your expenses will be,” Judy says. 

“The monthly service package includes so many things,” she says, listing all the living costs neatly bundled in the monthly service package. “I think they’re offering a great deal.”

Additionally, she finds great advantage in Lantern Hill’s 90% refundable entrance deposit. It allows residents to preserve their nest egg while living an active, independent retirement—90% of their entrance fee is returned to them or their estate when their home is reoccupied (Lantern Hill’s Residence and Care Agreement has all the details). 

“I especially like the 90% refundable payment, which makes me feel good for the children,” Judy says.

As a fee-for-service community, should they need additional care, they can tap into those funds if needed. 

4. Convenience

In addition to its convenient billing structure, Lantern Hill has made nearly everything else convenient as well.  

Werner Wolff recognizes the advantages of having amenities available outside his apartment home yet within reach. 

“You can go to the gym; you have a library here. You have the restaurants. You have the conference rooms. It’s very important that you maintain activities, that you maintain a social life. The availability [of the amenities] makes it possible to reach out [to people] through different activities,” he says.

5. Activities

Practicalities aside, most everyone chooses Lantern Hill for its active lifestyle, whether it’s number one or number five on their list of priorities. 

Nancy Pearce moved from a townhouse to Lantern Hill to enhance her social life. 

 “I have a lovely townhouse, but it’s very quiet,” she says. “I’m moving for a better lifestyle and looking forward to things to do.”

As a watercolor artist, she anticipates spending many hours in the on-site art studio painting pictures and making friends. She’ll enjoy the performing arts center and perhaps the book club—“just about anything,” she says. “There’s nothing I don’t like to do.

Carole Thau feels the same way and anticipates leading the vibrant lifestyle movement: “Groups and organizations will be the bulk of our life. We’re going to be in on the ground floor to get these organizations started, like the book club, bridge, mah-jongg, the discussion group. I don’t know what’s going to be formed, but we’re going to be there to see what it is and help it get started.” 

6. Friendships

With activities come friendships. Library committee chair George Jonovich has been making new friends since long before he moved in through his volunteer work.

“I’m not a librarian—in fact, I was an engineer—but I like to do a lot of reading so I’m interested in having input into what books we have in the library. I also see it as a way to meet people more quickly and to do something for others,” George says.

7. Maintenance-free living

How will they have time for all these activities and friendships? Without the inconvenience of house maintenance and repairs, residents are free to spend their valuable time exactly the way they want to. 

Take Nancy Boucher, for example. After years of meal planning and cooking, “I’ll be out of the job of making dinner every night and grocery shopping. It will be nice to have everything taken care of,” she says.

Meanwhile, John and Josephine Jacobson couldn’t wait to erase house repairs from their to-do list. 

“Knowing that we will be living in an area and a home that is maintenance-free is just wonderful,” Josephine says. “Because in our current home, either the roof has to be fixed, or the lawn has to be done, or one of the appliances breaks. So Lantern Hill will make our lives much easier.”

Regardless of their reasons for choosing Lantern Hill, everyone will appreciate its care-free lifestyle this winter as they watch the snow fall without worrying about shoveling it, slipping on it, or losing power. 

“We expect winters will be a little easier at Lantern Hill,” Paul Thau says, hitting the nail on the head. 

Not sure what you’re looking for in retirement? Contact the Lantern Hill sales office to start your retirement research and find out if Lantern Hill is right for you.