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7 reasons to love Seabrook

Time to think outside the house

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December 21st, 2016
Jack Coogan and Jeanne McArthur serve on Seabrook’s finance committee. Both say the Erickson Living community is a smart financial decision—one of seven top reasons people choose the Tinton Falls, N.J., community.

Jack Coogan and Jeanne McArthur serve on Seabrook’s finance committee. Both say the Erickson Living community is a smart financial decision—one of seven top reasons people choose the Tinton Falls, N.J., community.

What are your retirement priorities? Maybe you dream of living maintenance-free. Or perhaps you’re more practical and want the peace of mind continuing care provides. Do you look for sound financial investments? Or maybe you look for interest groups and social interaction.

“People choose Seabrook for many different reasons,” says Sales Counselor Dennise Baldwin. “But we do hear six or seven priorities most often. And Seabrook fulfills them all.” 

Regardless of their number one reason for moving there from a single family home, townhouse, or condo, most of the people who live at Seabrook share the same vision of retirement—vibrant living backed by peace of mind.

Read on to meet several people who live at the Tinton Falls, N.J., Erickson Living community and hear why they have chosen to spend their lives at Seabrook. 

1. Full-service medical care

Larry Katz and his wife Marlene just celebrated their third year at Seabrook. Both participate in many groups. They say they can enjoy staying active because they have the peace of mind that a full-service medical center is within steps from their apartment home.

“We’ve met a lot of nice people—both the people and the workers here are wonderful. If we have an emergency, it’s comforting to know there are medical facilities on site,” Larry says.

Helen Degnan feels the same way. “The closeness of the medical center is key,” she says. “That has really come in very handy for us.”

2. On-site continuing care

Taking peace of mind to the next level, nearly all residents appreciate having continuing care and rehabilitation available on site. Should a spouse or friend need additional care, it’s easy to visit daily. 

Helen’s cousin-in-law, Jane Degnan, recognizes the realities of getting older, and having support available makes her and her husband feel more independent and secure. 

“As you get older, your chances of falling increase. Care and rehabilitation is here should we need it. The few times we have needed care, support services have been right here,” Jane says.

3. Sound financial structure

Peace of mind doesn’t just come from the exceptional and convenient health care at Seabrook. It also comes from the community’s sound financial structure.

Helen loves the fact that all her living expenses are included in one monthly bill—the monthly service package. All utilities, a flexible meal plan, property taxes, and use of all amenities are included in the affordable fixed monthly fee, which also includes secure Wi-Fi. And each apartment home has ready access to the Internet. 

“It’s a lot easier financially because I have fewer bills to pay. It’s the simplicity. It’s not confusing; you can pretty much anticipate what your bills are going to be,” she says.

Overall, says Jeanne McArthur, resident director, “I think Seabrook is a good financial decision.” Jeanne has a background in wealth management.

“The refundable aspect of the entrance fee gives me security,” she says. 

Seabrook’s 90% refundable entrance deposit allows residents to preserve their nest egg while living an active, independent retirement—90% of their entrance fee is returned to them or their estate when their home is reoccupied. Should they “live longer or need additional care,” as Jeanne mentions, they may tap into those funds.

Should a person spend down his or her assets or experience an unforeseen change in finances, the resident care fund is available. Seabrook’s home for life commitment provides several options for residents to protect their future (the Residence and Care Agreement has full details).

4. Convenience

In addition to its convenient billing structure, Seabrook has made nearly everything else convenient as well.  

Jane recognizes the advantages of having amenities available just steps from her apartment home. 

“Everything is here. We can walk to the bank, the barber shop. It gives a little more independence,” she says.

5. Activities

Practicalities aside, most everyone chooses Seabrook for its active lifestyle, whether it’s number one or number five on their list of priorities. 

Joan Leonard is more active and independent now than ever. “For me it’s good because I am in a wheel chair. I’ve become very integrated,” she says.

She participates in a political club, Great Decisions, the Humanist Society, painting classes, the jazz group, and the pet club—all without the need for transportation off campus.

“I’m very busy; it’s just been amazing. I knew there was a lot to offer but I didn’t realize how quickly I’d be involved,” she says.

6. Friendships

With activities come friendships. Barbara Kouri didn’t expect to make the friends of a lifetime at this time in her life. But as one of The Girls, a five-person talk show on Seabrook’s TV station, she has found just that.

“The girls have been fantastic friends. We gravitated toward each other,” Barbara says. “They’ve made a really positive impact on my life at Seabrook. We’re going out on Christmas Eve, take line dancing together; we have a lot of fun. It’s really important to have friendship at this age, and having the girls has been really great.”

The other “girls,” Rona Mininni, Judy Sullivan, Amy Volz, and Judy Tier, feel the same way.  

“I didn’t expect to have this type of rapport at this stage in my life,” says Amy. “These are friendships I’m going to have for the rest of my life.”

The fivesome meets for brunch once a week and chats like a bunch of old friends, despite the fact that they’ve all known each other for just over a year and a half.

“We’ve become teenagers again. We love living at Seabrook,” says Rona.

7. Maintenance-free living

How do residents have time for all these activities and friendships? Without the inconvenience of house maintenance and repairs, people are free to spend their valuable time exactly the way they want to. 

“It’s a different way of living because you don’t have to worry about anything here,” says Benjamin Stewart, who has lived at Seabrook for twelve years. 

Regardless of their reasons for choosing Seabrook, everyone seems to appreciate its care-free lifestyle, especially in winter as they watch the snow fall without worrying about shoveling it, slipping on it, or losing power. 

Seabrook resident Jack Coogan remembers his days as a homeowner. 

“When you’re a homeowner, you’re never quite sure when the furnace is going to go out on a cold night or something like that,” Jack says.

Jack appreciates being able to predict his monthly costs despite a rough winter. Because all snow removal and other home maintenance costs are included in each apartment home’s monthly service package, “You know what your monthly costs are going to be,” he says. “There are no surprises.”

Not sure what you’re looking for in retirement? Contact the Seabrook sales office to start your retirement research and find out if Seabrook is right for you.