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7 reasons to love Wind Crest

Time to think outside the house

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December 15th, 2016
Donna and Howard Lutz (left) enjoy Wind Crest’s amenities and activities while having the peace of mind that continuing care is available on site. Karen and Ken Pinkham (right) moved to Wind Crest for its active lifestyle.

Donna and Howard Lutz (left) enjoy Wind Crest’s amenities and activities while having the peace of mind that continuing care is available on site. Karen and Ken Pinkham (right) moved to Wind Crest for its active lifestyle.

What are your retirement priorities? Maybe you dream of living maintenance free. Or perhaps you’re more practical and want the peace of mind continuing care provides. Do you look for sound financial investments? Or maybe you look for interest groups and social interaction.

“People choose Wind Crest for many different reasons,” says Sales Counselor Molly Thorne-Dhieux. “But we do hear six or seven priorities most often. And Wind Crest fulfills them all.” 

Regardless of their number one reason for moving there from a single family home, townhouse, or condo, most of the people who live at Wind Crest share the same vision of retirement—vibrant living backed by peace of mind.

Read on to meet several people who live at the Highlands Ranch, Colo., Erickson Living community and hear why they have chosen to spend their lives at Wind Crest. 

1. Activities

Most everyone chooses Wind Crest for its active lifestyle, whether it’s number one or number five on their list of priorities. 

By shedding homeowner responsibilities like lawn mowing, shoveling snow, and even cooking dinner, Ken and Karen Pinkham got involved in myriad activities shortly after moving to Wind Crest in 2014. 

Ken, a drummer, started a band—the Wind Crest Windys. Karen joined Helping Hands and attends weekly yoga and aerobics classes. Together, they walk the neighboring High Line Canal Trail daily, weather permitting, and attend Sunday worship services on site. 

Then there’s the Lifelong Learning courses, the fitness center, and the Resident Advisory Council committees.

“We’re very active, so [Wind Crest] appealed to us right away,” Karen says. 

“With all the activities and maintenance-free living, we have the luxury of choosing what’s really important to us. And the opportunities are widespread, so there’s something that appeals to everybody,” adds Ken.

2. Friendships

With activities come friendships. 

When Bob Shiley’s wife passed away, he found living alone to be very lonely, particularly at mealtime. 

Now, he always has someone to eat with and has made lots of new friends.

“The people who live here are so interesting,” says Bob. “They have every background you could imagine. Most people were very successful in their business life. You run into army generals who are retired and people who have owned their own businesses, people who worked for major corporations and rose in the ranks, doctors and lawyers. It’s fun to visit with them at meal time and become friends with them.”

3. Maintenance-free living

How do residents have time for all these activities and friendships? Without the inconvenience of house maintenance and repairs, people are free to spend their valuable time exactly the way they want to. 

Aside from continuing care, Donna and Howard Lutz chose Wind Crest for its maintenance-free lifestyle. 

“We were tired of being homeowners,” says Donna. “We had so many expenses last year on our house: we put in new carpeting, reattached the deck to the house, the electrician. It goes on and on.”

Now, all they have to worry about is keeping their calendar full of fun activities and what restaurant they’ll choose for tonight’s dinner. 

4. Convenience

In addition to its convenient billing structure, Wind Crest has made nearly everything else convenient as well.  

Woody Doyle and his wife Royalene say Wind Crest’s maintenance-free lifestyle opens doors to more hobbies—for Royalene, it’s writing and editing; for Woody, it’s acting and the chorale.

“We like the freedom living here provides—no cutting the lawn or raking leaves.  Everything we need is in a central location. If something isn’t available on campus, transportation is provided to local stores and doctors’ offices,” says Woody.  

5. Full-service medical care

When Al and Ardi Gough started thinking about returning to Colorado, where they lived from 1980 to 1995, from North Carolina, they researched several retirement communities. Wind Crest’s medical care stood out and sealed their decision.

“We’ve looked at many retirement communities and found that Wind Crest has the best amenities and medical care of them all,” says Al. 

6. On-site continuing care

Taking peace of mind to the next level, nearly all residents appreciate having continuing care and rehabilitation available on site. Should a spouse or friend need additional care, it’s easy to visit daily. 

Donna Lutz’s profession advocating for seniors in assisted living facilities made her and her husband Howard acutely aware of the difficulties that can come with age. “So we decided we were going to move before we need care,” says Howard.

At Wind Crest, they can participate in more than 100 clubs and activities. And whether they need a yearly physical or have an earache, they can simply walk or ride the shuttle to the campus medical center. 

Should they need additional care down the road, Wind Crest’s on-site continuing care neighborhood provides patient-centered short-term and outpatient rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care. 

“There are so many things to do here, and there is a continuum of care, so if we do need support, it’s here,” says Donna. “Our two sons are very appreciative that we’ve moved here.”

James and Jane Davis feel the same way. “We like Erickson because once you move in independent living and you need further care, you don’t have to move out. You continue. So I think that’s the main reason [we chose Wind Crest]. That way our son won’t have to fool around with having to find care for us,” says James.

7. Sound financial structure

Peace of mind doesn’t just come from the exceptional and convenient health care at Wind Crest. It also comes from the community’s sound financial structure.

Dave Pfeifle, former president and CEO of a global manufacturing company, has lived at Wind Crest with his wife Beverly since 2011. He says the financial components of Wind Crest, especially its predictable monthly service package, make it a good financial decision for people looking for an amenity-rich community and a wide variety of apartment styles. 

“It’s obviously a good financial decision when you look at everything: getting rid of maintenance issues and the ongoing costs that come with owning a home and dealing with the unknowns,” he says. “Here, you know what your costs are on a day-to-day basis.”

A 90% refundable entrance deposit secures their apartment and protects their nest egg, while a monthly service package covers their living expenses. So instead of juggling a stack of bills each month, they write just one check. Full details are in the Residence and Care Agreement.

The predictable monthly service fee, which corresponds to the size of each apartment home, includes all home maintenance, professional landscaping, property taxes, 24/7 security, utilities, a flexible meal plan, and use of all amenities like the indoor pool and fitness center. It also includes snow-clearing from campus streets and sidewalks in winter and year-round transportation to and from local destinations like the grocery store and doctors’ offices. 

Not sure what you’re looking for in retirement? Contact the Wind Crest sales office to start your retirement research and find out if Wind Crest is right for you.