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Give yourself a priceless gift this holiday season

An Ashby Ponds priority list membership paves the way for your new life

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December 12th, 2016

Crowded malls, frantic shoppers, hefty price tags—’tis the season of holiday gift buying. But there’s one gift you can give yourself this holiday that you won’t find in any mall, yet it fits all sizes, all tastes, and is 100% refundable. 

It’s a gift that offers peace of mind that money can’t buy—it’s membership in the Ashby Ponds priority list.

This year, a record number of people have joined the Ashby Ponds priority list, reserving a place in line for the apartment home of their choice at the popular Erickson Living community in Ashburn, Va.

“In fact, our priority list includes many children of our current residents,” says Ashby Ponds Sales Counselor Dana Bradshaw. “They’ve witnessed the Erickson Living lifestyle firsthand and wish to make it a part of their future.” 

“I definitely recommend joining,” says Ashby Ponds community member Margy Smith. “Membership provides the assurance of being able to move when you are ready, plus there are many opportunities to meet with others and get valuable information about the community while you are waiting.”

Joining the priority list is easy and provides the peace of mind that comes with planning for the future. Members pay a fully refundable $1,000 deposit and a $150-per-person nonrefundable application fee. 

Once this deposit is made, the date is noted as the member’s priority list date. Members are then encouraged to select a preferred floor plan that, once available, will be offered to them with right of first refusal based on their joining date.

There is no penalty should the preferred apartment home become available before a prospective resident is ready to move. It is simply offered to the next member on the list, and priority list status remains the same.

“Several years ago, my good friends visited me at Ashby Ponds,” says Mary Means. “They liked what they saw, so I suggested they sign up for the priority list. At that time, they were in the best of health and, despite being in their 80s, could not imagine a day when that might change. They decided not to join the priority list. Unfortunately, when they were finally ready to move, they were faced with a long wait. I hate the fact that it could have been avoided.”

Benefits add up

In addition to helping secure a future home at Ashby Ponds, joining the priority list opens up a world of exciting opportunities. Priority list members enjoy the use of Erickson Realty and Moving Services as well as the expertise of Personal Moving Consultant Elisabeth McCumiskey. 

She helps people moving to Ashby Ponds prepare their house for sale; find the right real estate agent; and make a seamless, stress-free move. 

Earlier this year, priority list members George and Bernice Rader looked to Elizabeth to make the move from their Reston, Va., home of the last 33 years as stress-free and seamless as possible.

“Elizabeth was extremely helpful,” says George. “She visited us in our house and provided a list of preferred vendors, including real estate agents, downsizing companies, and movers. And she helped with the little things too—things that might fall through the cracks otherwise, such as filling out change-of-address forms.”

Another big benefit of joining the Ashby Ponds priority list is first notice regarding the opening of new residence buildings. Weeks before construction plans are announced to the public, priority list members have the opportunity to reserve a home in the new building. 

With the announcement earlier this year of the first new residence building in almost two years, Cherry Blossom Square, this benefit proved tremendous. By the time it was announced to the public, 60% of the new homes were reserved by members of the priority list.

Spending time wisely

Priority list members also receive sought-after invitations to special events, including health and wellness events, financial seminars, and a home expo. 

This year, for the first time, priority members were invited to a special birthday celebration held during their birthday month.

“These special outings are our way of letting our priority list members know how much we appreciate them while providing a glimpse into the special events and activities our community members enjoy on a daily basis,” says Director of Sales Holly Henderson.

Before they moved from their house at Lake-of-the-Woods in Locust Grove, Va., Suzi and Don Weinert made repeated visits to the Ashby Ponds campus for a variety of exclusive priority list events. 

“We attended numerous daytime events, including open house tours, lunches, and presentations,” says Suzi. “Every visit reinforced our decision. We learned that Ashby Ponds anticipates every issue, offering sensible, convenient solutions. Also, unlike many other communities, Ashby Ponds is new. Our home has state-of-the-art upgrades, including appliances, flooring, granite countertops, 9-foot ceilings, big windows, and an open floor plan, which we did not find in communities built 20 or 30 years ago.”

Looking forward

As 2016 comes to an end, priority list members will enjoy the annual holiday champagne brunch, a highly anticipated event featuring mouthwatering dishes, such as beef tenderloin with port and shallot sauce, butter pecan salmon, and red velvet cake.

“It’s a wonderful way to take a break from hectic holiday chores, while getting to know the people who may someday be new neighbors,” says Bradshaw. “I encourage anyone wishing to learn more to call and schedule a visit.”