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Singing praises for Linden Ponds

Local music director finds harmony in retirement

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December 15th, 2016
Margo Euler, who lives at Linden Ponds, is the founder of South Shore singing groups The Broad Cove Chorale and The Unicorn Singers.

Margo Euler, who lives at Linden Ponds, is the founder of South Shore singing groups The Broad Cove Chorale and The Unicorn Singers.

Margo Euler never really liked music. She had taken piano lessons as a child but didn’t really enjoy it. However, when she discovered singing and joined the chorus at Smith College in Northampton, Mass., everything changed. 

“I really got hooked on music as an academic field,” she says. “I learned all about music in college. I managed the glee club and did some composing, and the conductor that I sang with at Smith asked me to be the assistant conductor, so that gave me all kinds of experience.”

Singers unite

Margo’s love of singing and music continued after graduation. 

In 1975, she and her family moved from Concord to Hingham, where they lived in the historic Broad Cove House, which was built by Abraham Lincoln’s ancestors. 

The house had a large music room with great acoustics, so Margo brought her Concord Madrigals singing group to perform a benefit concert there. At the post-performance reception, several women expressed interest in forming a singing group in the South Shore. Margo organized those women, along with many others, and founded the Broad Cove Chorale. 

Members have come and gone over the years, but the group, which jokingly calls itself “The Broads,” has now been performing around Boston and the South Shore for more than 40 years. 

Then in 1978, the all-female Broad Cove Chorale invited men to join them for a production of Menotti’s madrigal-ballet The Unicorn, The Gorgon, and the Manticore. The performances were a hit, so the group formed a second, co-ed group, The Unicorn Singers. 

Over the years, the two groups have performed at notable venues like the Gardner Museum, the Fogg Art Museum, the Duxbury Arts Complex, the South Shore Music Circus, and many area churches. 

The Unicorn Singers are often hired to perform at weddings, fundraisers, and other celebrations. Meanwhile, The Broad Cove Chorale volunteers to sing at schools, retirement communities, club meetings, and other private events.

“We have a lot of talent in the group,” Margo says. “At least 50% have done solo work, and there are men who do vocal arrangements, so I try to [choose musical selections that] keep them happy. We also have a lot of people who play instruments, so we work them in as well.”

Full calendar

The group puts on four shows every year. 

In October, they performed an eclectic mix of classical, close harmony, barbershop, gospel, and folk songs at Inly School in Scituate. 

Their Christmas show, which includes poetry and readings about the Nativity, is scheduled for December 8 at House of Prayer in Hingham and December 11 at First Parish in Cohasset. 

In February, the group is planning a show of Broadway favorites to benefit Horizons for Homeless Children. 

In the spring, The Broad Cove Chorale and The Unicorn Singers will team up for one big show in Hingham. 

Slam dunk

In 2014, Margo and her husband Franz decided to sell their house on the Cohasset Harbor in Hingham and move to Linden Ponds

Margo says they had reached a point where they no longer wanted to spend time maintaining a big house, and when it came to choosing a retirement community, Linden Ponds was the natural choice because it was so close to where they had lived for so many years. 

“It was a slam dunk—if we were going to make this big step, we knew we would come here, and it was nice because we didn’t have to leave our doctors, our friends, or my work [with The Broad Cove Chorale and The Unicorn Singers],” Margo says. “So I feel very lucky that way because I meet people at dinner who looked at 25 different places and still chose this one.”

Margo has found yet another eager audience for her singing groups in her neighbors at Linden Ponds. The Broad Cove Chorale now performs a preview of its fall show at the performing arts center at Linden Ponds. 

“The nice thing about performing here is I can do projections in the background using the equipment in the performing arts center,” Margo says. “I am a photographer, and I do all the design work for my group, so I love choosing art to put behind the singers.”

When she’s not busy organizing shows, Margo enjoys relaxing at her summer house in New Hampshire and playing scrabble, both online and with friends at Linden Ponds. 

Margo also enjoys kayaking and photography. She combines the two by taking photos of nature when she is out on the water. She belongs to Linden Ponds’ photography club and has contributed her skills to the community by taking photos for the resident newsletter LIFE@Linden Ponds

“I think I have a good eye, and I’ve been given some positive reinforcement,” Margo says of her photography. 

For more information about The Broad Cove Chorale and The Unicorn Singers, including upcoming performances, visit the website