Ten ideal jobs for retirees

Created date

December 7th, 2016

Dog walking as a part-time job.

Whether they need extra income, want to pursue a passion, or simply want to stay engaged in their professional field, an increasing number of people are continuing to work in some capacity after they retire from full-time careers. Fortunately, there are many part-time jobs for older adults who want to do work they enjoy and still have time to travel and spend time with family. Here are ten jobs that are ideal for retirees.  

1. Consulting: When you’re ready to give up the nine-to-five routine, but want to continue contributing to your field, consider consulting. You probably have plenty of contacts that may be potential clients. “Becoming a consultant on your own, a sole proprietorship in your field of endeavor, offers a chance to set your own hours and work at your own pace,” says Paul Dillon (dillonconsult.com), who started consulting after he retired.

2. Sharing economy: The so-called “sharing economy” lets individuals exchange time, skills, or possessions for money. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft enable just about anyone with a vehicle to earn money giving people rides. If you’re a snowbird, consider renting out your primary residence when you’re away. “Airbnb can also bring in a decent income and doesn’t require any additional skills or training,” says Glenn Carter, founder of TheCasualCapitalist.com. “A retiree would be utilizing the resources they already have.”

3. Direct sales: The direct sales industry has evolved to include much more than Tupperware parties. These days, you can make extra cash selling things like wine through Traveling Vineyard (travelingvineyard.com), home décor via Mary and Martha (maryandmartha.com), or wellness products with companies like NYR Organic (us.nyrorganic.com). 

4. Tutor: Roy Cohen, career coach and author of The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide, says retired teachers can earn money by tutoring or helping students with the college admissions process.

5. Dog walker: Cohen also suggests that now that you’re home during the day when most of your neighbors are at work, make some cash (and get some exercise) by walking their dogs. 

6. Financial advisor: If you spent your career in the finance industry, Cohen says to consider taking the C.F.P. exam and working as a financial advisor. 

7. Garden store: If you’ve been gardening for years, put your experience to use by getting a seasonal job at your local nursery. “It is a great way to get paid for a hobby,” Cohen says. “Spring and summer tend to be the busiest for planting and tending gardens, so that is when garden stores expand their personnel.”

8. Freelance writer/editor: Retired writers, or people who’ve always dreamed of writing, may find an encore career as a freelance writer. Freelance Writing Gigs (freelancewritinggigs.com) is one site where you can search for these jobs. 

9. Tour guide: Lived in your city all of your life? Then you may have what it takes to become a tour guide. 

10. Transcriber: Transcription companies often need people with in-depth knowledge of certain fields. Ben Walker, CEO of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC (transcriptionoutsourcing.net), says his company employs people who have retired from the legal, medical, and law enforcement fields. “It’s perfect for both of us because they can work when they want and how much they want, and we don’t have to train new independent contractors,” Walker says.