Bisque statue, teacup collection, Singer sewing machine

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January 6th, 2017
Bisque statue and teacup collection

Q: I am interested in finding out the value [of this bisque statue] and how I would go about selling it. I also have it on a marble stand that is probably as old as the statue.  —Donna 

A: This is truly a beautiful piece. Bisque statues and busts are not very popular in our markets today. This piece would be the exception. Paul Dubay (1830–1887), a French artist, was really ahead of his time in technique and color. His female busts are excellent and bring a nice value in the global auction market. This piece would bring somewhere between $1,200–$1,800.

Q: These photos of a teacup collection were sent by Tom but with no message. I assume he wants to know something about the cups. —Carolyn Remmey 

A: Porcelain and bone china teacups were the rage of collectors up until the mid-1990s. It was a great pastime and a great souvenir from a vacation destination. Some of the finest made are from England and, of course, Shelley, from Ireland. The value used to be in the hundreds of dollars. In today’s market, there is less interest. The value is about ten cents on the dollar, or $10–$25 each.     

Q: Could you please appraise this?  —Freda 

A: The Singer sewing machine and cabinet is very hard to sell in the current market. They are actually wonderful pedal machines but outdated compared to the new digital machines and not as fashionable as they once were. I would advise you to try selling in a local newspaper, garage sale, or online market like

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