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Destination: Retirement

Preparing for an out-of-state move

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January 6th, 2017

For many seniors, retirement signifies a brand new beginning—one in which they can continue pursuing their passions or try something new. Retirees often return to school, take part-time positions in a new field, or travel to their dream destinations. And for some, moving to a different state is the fresh start they need to embark on their retirement journey.

Deciding to make the move 

There are several factors that motivate seniors to choose an out-of-state retirement. Many are seeking a warmer climate, or locations like Denver, Colo., that fit an active lifestyle. But perhaps the most frequent reason retirees move to a different state is to be closer to family members. It makes planning for the holidays so much easier!

Planning ahead

In general, the moving process can be stressful and planning is crucial—but an out-of-state move requires special attention. A large-scale move can cause both physical and emotional strain, especially as you get older, so you’ll need to start planning earlier than you may have expected. This ensures you’ll be in great shape not only to move but also to enjoy an active retirement when you arrive.

Facing the challenges

Moving across the country can be a costly endeavor. If you’re downsizing homes, you may want to consider packing up your favorite furniture and selling or donating the remaining pieces, instead of having everything shipped. You can even arrange for your new furniture to be delivered on moving day. Another challenge can be acclimating to a new area. At Wind Crest, Erickson Living’s community in Denver, we provide the on-campus amenities, services, and
support that people need to feel settled.

Getting expert assistance

Retirees planning an out-of-state move will want to find reliable resources that can assist them with downsizing, moving, and more. Like all personal moving consultants, my job at Wind Crest is to make every new resident’s move as stress-free as possible. I can help with everything from finding a preferred real estate agent to recommending a senior move manager for downsizing to providing space planning maps.