Making the future a priority

Retired nurse eager to start her next chapter in life at Windsor Run

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January 10th, 2017
Jackie Nordhoff (left) joins other priorty list members for a special event hosted by Windsor Run, the Erickson Living community where she’ll live.

Jackie Nordhoff (left) joins other priorty list members for a special event hosted by Windsor Run, the Erickson Living community where she’ll live.

Jacqueline “Jackie” Nordhoff is eager to reserve her future home at Windsor Run, the Erickson Living community coming to Matthews, N.C. 

“I moved to Matthews, N.C., from Carolina Trace in Sanford, N.C., a few years ago to be closer to my children and small grandchildren,” says Jackie. “From where I live now I can actually see Windsor Run being built. I’m literally right next door.”

Almost as soon as Windsor Run was announced, Jackie was eager to learn more.

“One of my neighbors received a letter inviting her to an informational luncheon at the sales center,” says Jackie. “I didn’t even wait for my own invitation. I called the sales office right away and spoke to Sales Associate Mindi Thinnes. She is great! She told me that, of course, I was welcome.”

Jackie and her neighbor attended the first of what would be many luncheons at Windsor Run. 

“I was impressed from the minute I arrived,” says Jackie. “I signed up for the priority list right away.”

Membership has its privileges

Since joining the priority list, Jackie has been enjoying repeat visits to the community, including specially designed seminars to inform members on the many unique aspects of Erickson Living communities.

“I really enjoyed attending a Lunch and Learn with Erickson Living Chief Medical Officer Dr. Matt Narrett. I am a retired nurse so learning about the many medical options that will be available to Windsor Run residents is very interesting.”

During the luncheon, Narrett discussed the high level of care Erickson Living’s board-certified physicians provide each patient. Unlike other retirement communities, no one living at an Erickson Living community is required to use the doctors, but for many there is great peace of mind knowing that the medical center is available. He also addressed the continuing care neighborhood that will be built following the completion of Windsor Run’s first residential neighborhood. 

As a member of the priority list, Jackie also enjoys meeting a variety of people who will one day be her neighbors. 

“On one of my first visits to the Windsor Run sales center, I met a couple from an Erickson Living community in Maryland,” she says. “They spoke very highly of the Erickson Living lifestyle and are eager to enjoy it at a community closer to their children and grandchildren.”

One-on-one partnership

While waiting to reserve one of the first apartment homes at Windsor Run, Jackie has put together a game plan to help make her move as seamless as possible. One of her first steps was meeting with June Parish, Windsor Run’s personal moving consultant.

“June came over to my house with a copy of my favorite floor plan, the two-bedroom, two-bath Hawthorne,” says Jackie. “We went through all my furniture to determine what pieces would fit the best. We laid it all out nicely on the floor plan. That really got me excited about the move.”

With reservations opening this month, Jackie continues to make visits to the sales center and watch her future home come to life before her eyes. 

“I ask lots of questions and am happy with all the information I receive,” she says. “I have asked about safety, security, potential activities, medical care, apartment features, and the fee-for-service model. I’ve been so pleased with the answers that I cancelled my membership at two other communities that I had in place as backup.”

Jackie says her New Year’s resolution is “to finish up my downsizing so that I’m ready to go as soon as Windsor Run opens. I’ve been going through old clothes, shoes, kitchen items, and cookbooks. Out they go! I’m really looking forward to not having to cook. I’m very excited for all the aspects of what will be my new life at Windsor Run. I just know it will be perfect for me.”