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More than a resolution

Eagle’s Trace community members make fitness a priority

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January 11th, 2017
Ingrid Bezman (left) and Karla Dunn (right) participate in fitness classes taught by Shirley Woods (center) every weekday morning at Eagle’s Trace.

Ingrid Bezman (left) and Karla Dunn (right) participate in fitness classes taught by Shirley Woods (center) every weekday morning at Eagle’s Trace.

Karla Dunn and Ingrid Bezman have a lot in common.

They both moved to Eagle’s Trace, the Erickson Living community in West Houston, in 2014. They both worked with special needs children. And they’re both committed to a regular fitness routine.

“I feel like the day doesn’t begin until I exercise,” says Ingrid, who walks her dog Blitz around the community before heading to a fitness class at 9 o’clock every morning, Monday through Friday.

Year-round fitness

Like so many people who wake up on January 1 and vow to get in shape, Karla understands the fleeting nature of fitness goals. 

“I was on and off forever,” says Karla. “I taught Weight Watchers for 20 years and maintained my goal weight until I decided I just wanted to live my life. Now I do what meets my needs.”

For Karla, that means targeting her workouts to meet the demands of daily living. Since moving to Eagle’s Trace, she’s more equipped than ever to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

“Working out isn’t sporadic, in part because we walk three to four miles a day just moving around the community,” she says. “I’m also committed to attending exercise classes every weekday morning at 9 o’clock.”

‘Something for everyone’

The fitness team at Eagle’s Trace, led by Wellness Coordinator Shirley Woods, offers more than 20 exercise classes each week, ranging from tai chi to water aerobics.

“We try to offer something for everyone,” says Woods. “Some classes focus more on strength and conditioning, while others concentrate on balance and posture.”

Both Karla and Ingrid attend a Cardio and Strength class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you’ll find them in the Silver Express aerobics class.

“Shirley works every muscle in our bodies,” says Karla. “She’s constantly going to workshops to learn new exercises and techniques, which she’ll bring back and incorporate into our classes. Recently, she’s added some boxing moves—punching and blocking—which have helped with my range of motion.”

Karla says it’s little observations that motivate her to keep up the workouts.

“When I’m traveling, I can lift my suitcase into the overhead bin on the airplane,” she says. “It’s nice to feel like I can take care of myself and not have to rely on others.”

No excuses

Eagle’s Trace community members enjoy access to the on-site fitness center and swimming pool, which are both accessible via climate-controlled walkways. The pool is heated to 86.7 degrees for year-round use.

“The fitness opportunities are among the finest aspects of living at Eagle’s Trace,” says Karla. “If I was still living in my home, I’d really have to motivate myself to walk around the block. Now that I’ve been attending exercise classes at Eagle’s Trace regularly, I’ve noticed an improvement in my mobility, agility, and balance.”

Ingrid nods in agreement.

“I just feel better after I’ve worked out,” says Ingrid. “I had the opportunity to go to Germany last summer, and I found I missed the exercise classes the most. They’re a great way to start the day.”