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Packing, planning, preparing

Future Hummingbird Square neighbors learn how to simplify upcoming moves

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January 11th, 2017
Carol Pohl (left), who will move to Hummingbird Square this summer, and current Tallgrass Creek residents Bob and Janet Butterworth.

Comparing notes about moving are Carol Pohl (left), who will move to Hummingbird Square this summer, and current Tallgrass Creek residents Bob and Janet Butterworth.

As the calendar flips over to a new year, there is much anticipation among future neighbors moving to Hummingbird Square, Tallgrass Creek’s new residence building, currently under construction. The four-story building is scheduled to open this summer and will feature 108 new apartment homes in 18 different designs, including 7 never-before-seen floor plans. 

But along with the excitement of living in a modern, new home comes the trepidation of moving, many times from houses that have been lived in for decades. The sales team at Tallgrass Creek recently gathered together a roomful of future Hummingbird Square residents to offer tips and assistance for allaying moving fears.  

“Moving represents overwhelming decisions about selling a home, what items go or don’t go, and what to do with the rest of it,” says Nancy Worthington, Tallgrass Creek’s personal moving consultant. “Everyone asks, ‘Where do I even begin?’”

Worthington is the right person to answer that question, as she has offered assistance to many future residents by introducing them to Erickson Realty and Moving Services. 

The services, available through Erickson Living, the managing company of Tallgrass Creek, include the complimentary coordination of all moving needs, such as selection of a real estate professional and moving company, downsizing, packing, and home staging. 

Dee McCurdy, one of many who utilized Erickson Realty and Moving Services, remembers her move to Tallgrass Creek a year ago.

“I had told myself, ‘I can do this,’” remembers Dee, who moved from her family home in Lansing, Kans. “But then my home sold right away and things became a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, I had somewhere to turn for help.”

Helping hands

Linda Scardino, owner of Tallgrass Creek-recommended senior moving company Gentle Changes, also offers guidance to new Hummingbird Square neighbors. 

Worthington and Scardino are both very familiar with all Tallgrass Creek floor plans. After making personal visits to a future resident’s current residence, they help determine which items will work best in the new apartment home at Tallgrass Creek. On moving day, Scardino’s team coordinates unpacking, placement of furniture and personal items, kitchen organization, and box and trash removal. 

“We did nothing,” Bob Butterworth says of moving day, including furniture placement in their new home. He and his wife Janet moved to Tallgrass Creek last year. “The entire process took two hours. We walked in, and it was all together.” 

Local Tallgrass Creek-recommended real estate agents have also helped many residents sell their former homes. Likewise, recommended movers have been lauded for their efficiency, timeliness, and consideration. 

Blake Marshall, Tallgrass Creek’s director of sales, always reminds prospective residents that by reserving a residence at Hummingbird Square now, they have months to make important decisions. 

“Having more time to plan a move in an organized way eliminates a lot of stress down the road,” says Marshall. “Waiting to reserve may also mean missing out on the residence you want along with all the events and activities that are happening every day in this active community.”