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‘Put our fears to rest’

Personal moving consultant to the rescue in couple’s move

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January 6th, 2017
David and Lana Massoni moved after 30 years to Greenspring in Springfield, Va.

David and Lana Massoni moved after 30 years to Greenspring in Springfield, Va.

After attending an open house at Greenspring, David and Lana Massoni were ready to sell the house they’d lived in for the past 30 years.

“But thinking about everything we needed to do to our house in order to sell it was overwhelming,” says David. “The last time I had moved was from my bachelor pad to my home with Lana after we were married. I thought there would be so much to do.”

The couple turned to Anna Greves, Greenspring’s personal moving consultant. 

“We first met Anna at Greenspring while attending a trio of moving seminars,” says David. “Once our desired apartment home was available, she came out to our house and immediately put our fears to rest.”

“She provided us with a list of recommended real estate agents and movers, all of whom have experience moving people to Greenspring,” says Lana.

The couple chose one of Greves’ recommended real estate agents who provided invaluable insight as the couple prepared their house for sale. 

“She made suggestions on things we could do to help sell our house quickly and then found a team of people to do the work,” says David. 

The couple focused on cosmetic but impactful updates to their house, including applying a fresh coat of paint, installing modern faucets, and purchasing a new dishwasher to match the other appliances in the kitchen.

All moved in

On January 16, 2015, David and Lana moved into their two-bedroom, two-bath with balcony Manchester-style apartment home. 

“We absolutely love it,” says Lana. “We enjoy gorgeous views of the forest and have met many wonderful people.”

“What I find remarkable is that we have the same amount of living space as we did in our house,” says David. “Except now we are no longer surrounded by so much unneeded stuff.”

Fully immersing themselves into life at Greenspring, David and Lana enjoy embarking on the many special day trips offered at the community as well as making daily trips to the community’s indoor swimming pool.

“We would definitely recommend Anna and her team to anyone moving to Greenspring,” says David. “She was there for us every step of the way and helped make our move easier than we expected.”

After moving for the first time in over 30 years, David and Lana Massoni credit Greenspring Personal Moving Consultant Anna Greves, for their stress-free move. “We couldn’t be happier,” says David.