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Rehab right at home

Devonshire’s Jackie Hannon back to normal in record time

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January 10th, 2017
Devonshire member Jackie Hannon

Devonshire member Jackie Hannon, who has made many new friends at the community’s flower arranging group, with one of her arrangements (on her left) and one of her prized orchids.

In the past five years, Jackie Hannon has had two knee replacements; her right knee was replaced when she and her husband John lived in PGA in Marlwood Estates. 

The left knee replacement, just over a year ago, occurred after she and John had moved to Devonshire at PGA National, Erickson Living’s community located on 26 beautifully maintained acres in Palm Beach Gardens.

Following each knee replacement, Jackie did her in-patient rehabilitation at Chatsworth, Erickson Living’s rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood affiliated with Devonshire.

Chatsworth has earned a five-star rating for its services. And indeed, Jackie says, her  care and therapy were excellent both times. 

“Some of the same aides and therapists from five years ago were there this year. That staying power says lots about the workplace environment and the comfort level for the patient,” she says.

After a three-day hospital stay, Jackie went to Chatsworth. She checked in on a Saturday and had therapy the following day. “They don’t waste time,” she says.

The physical therapy she wanted

That’s part of the reason she chose Chatsworth over the other places she investigated. Besides its location in PGA, it offered the most intensive therapy program.

Jackie says that the trend today is to do your therapy at home, but she wanted more: “I needed someone to push me to do it. “ 

And that’s what she got. Each of Jackie’s therapy sessions lasted an hour.

During her two-week stay at Chatsworth, she had physical therapy twice a day for six days a week and once on Sunday. And she had occupational therapy once a day to build her arm muscles for when she’d use a walker. It was the same regimen as before. 

But because the Hannons now lived at Devonshire, Jackie gained an important benefit that had nothing to do with her medical condition.

“When we lived in Marlwood Estates, few of our neighbors knew I was in the hospital,” Jackie says. As a result, she had little contact with or support from them during her time in the hospital and at Chatsworth during her first knee replacement. 

And because her first surgery involved her right knee, she couldn’t drive. So, during her 21 days of outpatient therapy, John drove her to and from each session.

But what a difference this time! Jackie and John told their Devonshire neighbors that she had had a knee replacement and had gone to Chatsworth for inpatient rehabilitation. 

“When John would go to Devonshire’s clubhouse lounge before dinner, people stopped him and asked how I was doing,” Jackie says. “The concern was high level. And I got more cards from [my Devonshire neighbors] than I’d gotten from friends and relatives at Christmas.”

She also received gifts and flowers. Even Devonshire’s staff showed their concern. The kitchen staff sent her fresh-made potato chips. 

A number of community members visited Jackie at Chatsworth too. “Knowing people were concerned enough to visit meant a lot,” she says. 

It also encouraged her to get better: “My experience underscored that Devonshire really is one big family.”

Jackie came home from Chatsworth to a fourth-floor apartment home and outpatient therapy located on the second floor of Devonshire’s clubhouse. She rode the conveniently located elevators to and from each session.

Devonshire’s three residence buildings all connect to the centrally located clubhouse via climate-controlled elevators and hallways. Members needn’t venture out in  extreme temperatures.

That walking helped Jackie progress. “You walk everywhere you want to get to at Devonshire,” she says, “and it’s all ground level. So that was good. My knee needed that exercise.”

She had a full 21 days of outpatient therapy. “And,” Jackie says, “I went from a walker to a cane and was off of everything at the end of those seven weeks.”

She’s getting around just fine now and is back to her clubhouse activities, to outings at Gardens Mall, and to lazy days spent reading in the  den of their maintenance-free home at Devonshire.