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Time to declutter your holiday decorations

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January 9th, 2017
Christmas decorations

Think about gifting your treasures to special people in your life.

As a personal moving consultant, I hear this one question all the time from people starting to downsize: “Where did I get all this stuff?” I hate to tell you, but it only gets worse during the holidays when we pull out decorations that add even more to the clutter.  

The truth is, we all tend to accumulate stuff—gifts we’ve never used, furniture we don’t really need, and things we’ve had for years that have no functional purpose but we keep for their sentimental value.  

The same is true when it comes to the holiday-themed decorations and memorabilia. Here are some simple downsizing tips for you to try once the holiday season is over: 

Survey your decorations storage space

Now that the holiday season is over, you can see just how many decorations you didn’t put out this year, including perhaps that ceramic reindeer collection or surplus tree ornaments. Choose your favorites for next year and say goodbye to anything that isn’t useful or beautiful. It just clutters up your storage area. Remember, the number of decorations doesn’t define how strongly you celebrate.

Don’t hold on—pass it on

Think about gifting your treasures to special people in your life. Or, you could hold a post-holidays gift party and invite whomever you want to.

Find a local club or museum for your special collections and memorabilia. Maybe that ceramic reindeer collection?

Be kind to the earth and recycle. That includes your multiple strands of holiday lights (do they all even work?).

Share the wealth and make warmth

As long as you’re decluttering your decorations, take a look through your closets as well. Make a donation to your favorite charity and include excess coats, boots, mittens, scarves, and blankets.

A little planning now while you take down all those decorations will make next year’s holidays so much easier to prepare for. And you’ll be able to enjoy more time for family and friends plus a decluttered home for entertaining that still reflects the holiday season.