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The trick to New Year’s resolutions as you age

Five easy ways to stick with yours at Cedar Crest

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January 12th, 2017
Esther Price teaches Stretch ‘n’ Tone weekly as well as water aerobics, engaging and inspiring her neighbors.

Esther Price teaches Stretch ‘n’ Tone weekly as well as water aerobics, engaging and inspiring her neighbors.

Think back over the years. How many New Year’s resolutions have you made? And how many have you kept? 

Make this the year you keep your resolutions. Life at Cedar Crest makes keeping these top five New Year’s resolutions easy as pie. Here, meet community members who are living out their retirement goals. 

1. Fitness

“We focus on fun and fitness to make it more enjoyable and easier to keep up,” says Cedar Crest Fitness Specialist Colleen Fox. 

The fitness center offers a wide variety of group fitness classes to appeal to more people. For example, it offers Zumba, yoga, Stretch ‘n’ Tone, and aqua aerobics. 

“Research shows that when fitness is fun and done with friends or peers, people are more likely to stick with it,” Fox adds. 

That couldn’t be more true than at Cedar Crest, where even community members teach classes. Esther Price teaches water aerobics and Stretch ‘n’ Tone weekly, engaging and inspiring her neighbors.

For those who prefer a more individual approach, the fitness center provides specialized age-appropriate machines, free weights, and personal training. 

“People say they notice the benefits of their fitness routine mostly in daily activities,” Fox says. “They feel better doing everyday things, which can make a big difference.”

Is this the year you stick with a fitness routine?

2. Stress-free living

Cedar Crest is known for its maintenance-free lifestyle, where all home and yard maintenance is no longer a concern. However, many people don’t realize that Cedar Crest also promotes stress relief through fitness and wellness classes like meditation, yoga, tai chi, and chi gong, as well as spa treatments like massage. 

And then there’s adult coloring. In addition to being fun and creative, adult coloring calms the mind as a form of meditation.

Barbara Seixas says coloring is an excellent way to relax and be creative without having to take an art class. “It settles the mind,” she says. “It is not like a craft project where you have to think about how many yards of fabric or how many tubes of paint you need.” 

Although meditation can be beneficial at any age, it is particularly helpful for older adults. Meditation aids memory; assists digestion; activates the “happy” part of the brain; and decreases long-term stress from various sources like chronic illness, disability, or the loss of a spouse. 

Is this the year you let go of stress and anxiety? 

3. Financial security

Ted and Carolyn Ogren invested in Cedar Crest well before they wanted to move there, in 2007, by joining the priority list with a $1,000 fully refundable deposit and $150-per-person, nonrefundable application fee. 

When they finally moved in 2015 to trade snow shoveling, lawn mowing, and a roof that needed replacing for maintenance-free living, they knew their finances would be secure. 

The refundable entrance deposit secures their apartment home and protects their nest egg, while a monthly service package covers their living expenses. So instead of juggling a stack of bills each month, they write just one check.

The predictable monthly service fee, which corresponds to the size of each apartment home, includes all home maintenance, professional landscaping, property taxes, 24/7 security, utilities, a flexible meal plan, and use of all amenities like the indoor pool and fitness center. 

It also includes snow-clearing services in winter and year-round transportation to and from local destinations like the grocery store and doctors’ offices. 

With predictable living expenses and a secure nest egg, residents like Ted and Carolyn can rest easy regarding financial security.

Is this the year you secure your nest egg and solidify your budget? 

4. Proactive health

More than 86% of the people who live at Cedar Crest take advantage of its on-site medical center. 

The on-site medical center, outpatient rehabilitation, and fitness and aquatics center create a well-rounded approach to health and wellness for those who live at the Pompton Plains community. It’s peace of mind for some, a necessity for others, and a big benefit for everyone. 

Perhaps one of the most impressive efforts at Cedar Crest is the coordination of each resident’s wellness or rehabilitation plan between on-site medical doctors, occupational and physical therapists, and the fitness center staff. 

Fox, who is a fitness specialist, massage therapist, and personal trainer, says all departments work together to create an environment of holistic health. “The coordination of care at Cedar Crest is really good,” she says. “There are many ways we can provide the best route for a resident who needs care.”

Specifically designed for older adults, Cedar Crest’s rehabilitation and wellness center, which opened in 2012 and serves the greater community, combines state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and care with wellness services like massage therapy and group fitness classes. 

“Studies show that people who include a wellness component to their rehabilitation program have better results,” says Monika Eller, occupational therapist and business development manager. Eller held focus groups, got input from experts, and spoke with Cedar Crest residents to help develop the new center. 

Should anyone need additional care down the road, Cedar Crest’s on-site continuing care neighborhood provides patient-centered short-term and outpatient rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care. As a fee-for-service community, residents only pay for care they receive.

Is this the year you stay ahead of your health?

5. New hobbies

More than 300 people attend Cedar Crest’s annual activities fair each March, where they explore the vibrant resident-run activities. Pursuits include arts and crafts, culture, education, games, movies and theater, travel, volunteer, fitness, and many other topics.

With more than 180 clubs and activities, Cedar Crest provides myriad opportunities for residents to pursue interests they’ve always had, never knew they had, or never had time for. 

Helen Kotler, a member of the Ping-Pong Pals, says, “I laugh playing ping-pong more than any other time.” 

The club has over 40 members and meets three times a week on campus.

Leo Thomas, a member of Cedar Crest Chorale, says, “I enjoy being part of this group for many reasons. Singing is a wonderful way to stay alert mentally and physically. You have to know what note and when to sing, learn the music, and follow directions. It also  sharpens your hearing and is an aerobic exercise. Then there is also just the joy of  singing!” 

The Cedar Crest Chorale, which performs two concerts on campus each year, sings a wide range of music from all eras and styles, including singing in four parts. 

Is this the year you learn a new skill or return to one of your favorite pastimes?