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‘We don’t have winters at Greenspring’

The secret to a weatherproof season

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January 10th, 2017
Armed and ready, Greenspring’s general services team works hard throughout the winter keeping sidewalks and parking areas clear of snow and ice.

Armed and ready, Greenspring’s general services team works hard throughout the winter keeping sidewalks and parking areas clear of snow and ice.

For many, the winter months—notorious for their ice and snow—necessitate putting many activities on hold. However, at Greenspring, an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va., more than 200 clubs, activities, and numerous social events continue seamlessly regardless of frightful weather outdoors. 

“We don’t have winters at Greenspring,” says community member Eileen Long. “We remain unaffected by the weather outside, moving freely around our entire campus. For those who choose to venture out, there’s no problem either. Our general services staff removes the snow from sidewalks and parking lots. Truly, life on our ‘inland cruise’ could not be better, as all 200-plus things to do are always available.”

Hard at work

“Winter can be beautiful but also dangerous,” says Lynn Keefe, Greenspring’s director of general services. “We strive to reduce or minimize winter dangers and make the season an enjoyable one for our community members. Safety is always our number-one focus.”

Community members like Carolyn Pledger are thankful for the diligent efforts of the general services team. 

“Winters here are both safe and beautiful,” Carolyn says. “From the first appearance of ice or snow, the general services staff is at work clearing sidewalks, shoveling snow, and placing warning signs on the doors. They even request that parked cars leave room so that sidewalk curbs and road areas near parking spaces can be adequately cleared.”

Community members also rest assured knowing that no matter what Mother Nature throws their way, all of the Erickson Living services they enjoy continue unaffected. 

“We have never once closed an Erickson Living campus because of the weather,” says Eric Whitson, Greenspring’s director of sales. “We have snow equipment and a committed, hard-working team that help keeps our campus open 24 hours a day.”

Social butterflies

With the snow cleared and safety assured, Greenspring community members enjoy as active a lifestyle as they choose during the winter months. 

“Our usual high-quality activities, such as classes, lectures, concerts, and groups, run both by staff and residents, continue throughout the winter,” says Carolyn.  “Holiday activities also flourish.”  

With the exception of some outdoor activities, like the yacht club and archery, all resident-run activities continue throughout the year. In addition, staff members continue to schedule special trips to popular local destinations. 

“This winter, we have a full schedule of fun activities,” says Robin LeGrand, Greenspring’s special trips program coordinator, who plans, organizes, and provides transportation to popular local destinations as well as exotic, faraway adventures.

Safe travels

Greenspring community members also enjoy access to the community’s transportation services, enabling them to travel safely and in comfort throughout the winter.

“Winter driving can be hazardous, especially in northern Virginia where we get both snow and ice,” says Keefe. “We educate all our residents on ways to make their trips safer, such as filling their gas tank, carrying extra blankets in the trunk, and keeping a cell phone charged at all times.”

Keefe encourages residents to take advantage of Greenspring’s highly trained transportation team, which does the driving for them, whether it’s a ride to a doctor’s appointment or lunch with friends. Weekly trips to grocery stores, malls, and local restaurants continue throughout the winter months.

No break needed

Even Personal Moving Consultant Ana Greves continues full steam ahead, despite the weather, in an effort to help future community members move to Greenspring.

“I was worried about selling my house in the winter,” says Sandra McKinney. “The day after I put my house on the market, it began to snow. But Anna helped me choose a [real estate agent] that did a wonderful job getting more than 20 people to my open house despite multiple inches of snow and below-freezing temperatures. I was shocked.”

Six days later, Sandra’s house sold, and she was enjoying life in her new Greenspring home before spring.   

“I was prepared to enjoy my life here, but I never could have imagined just how much I would,” she says. “From the moment I decided to move, Greenspring exceeded my expectations in every way.”

Promising year ahead

With the holidays behind them, Greenspring community members are settling in to a winter filled with fun activities and lifelong memories.

“Greenspring is a winter wonderland, alive with the magic, music, and memories of worry-free, maintenance-free, independent living,” says community member Elisabeth Burnett. “I am delighted and blessed to call it home.”