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Meet the person behind one of the most important roles at Riderwood

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February 16th, 2017
Michelle Glodeck was recently promoted to director of resident life at Riderwood. She brings more than twenty years of experience to the important position.

Michelle Glodeck was recently promoted to director of resident life at Riderwood. She brings more than twenty years of experience to the important position.

Riderwood has a new director of resident life, and she brings nearly a quarter of a century of rich experience to the position. Michelle Glodeck, who previously served as a manager in Riderwood’s resident life department, was promoted to director last fall. 

In this vital position, Glodeck now oversees the operations of several key departments that residents interface with on a daily basis, including pastoral ministries, social work, fitness centers, community resources, volunteering, philanthropy, and community television. 

Glodeck also oversees the functions and regulatory compliance of ancillary health services. In total, more than 60 full-time and 250 part-time staff members report to her. 

In her new post, Glodeck also serves as a member of the Riderwood executive management team and as the primary liaison to all other departments to ensure integration of programs and services for community members across the continuum of care.

“Michelle has been a successful leader because she brings the knowledge and enthusiasm to create opportunities and expand the horizons for our residents,” says Executive Director Gary Hibbs. “She is a great listener and cares deeply about her co-workers. Our resident life department provides many of the core services upon which our residents rely, and I look forward to working with Michelle as she leads this dynamic team.”

Experience that counts

A licensed social worker in Maryland, Glodeck has a master’s degree from University of Maryland. 

During her career, she has been a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the Maryland Geriatric Association.

Glodeck first joined the Erickson staff in 1994 as a social worker at Riderwood’s sister community, Charlestown in Catonsville. She spent 12 years in that role, working with community members in independent living as well as those in the continuing care neighborhood. 

From there, she went to work for Erickson Living’s corporate office as the resident services manager, overseeing the social work and intermissions programs for the entire company. She also assisted in the development and implementation of memory support programs. 

In 2014, Glodeck decided to return to a community position and came to work at Riderwood. She says she had many rewarding opportunities to learn about the company while working for the corporate office but also wanted to get back to a role that enabled her to directly impact residents’ lives on a regular basis.

“The move back to a community role was part of my long-term goal to become a director and join a community leadership team,” Glodeck says. “It’s the best of both worlds—having the daily interaction with residents while impacting best operational practices and supporting the professional development of staff.” 

Glodeck says that “promoting and cultivating the Erickson culture” is her passion. Working in Riderwood’s resident life department gives her a unique opportunity to do that. 

“Building and maintaining a high-performing and engaged team has been the most rewarding aspect of my job,” Glodeck says. “I love that we have such a compassionate, committed, and fun-loving group of professionals.”

No. 1 prority

As for her goals as Riderwood’s director of resident life, Glodeck names promoting memory support programs as a top priority. She explains that memory support isn’t just for people experiencing memory loss and says Riderwood’s staff can best serve residents by integrating the work of various departments. 

“It’s for people that want to slow the aging process and maintain their memory,” she says. “The resident life and health services teams coined October as ‘Brain Health Awareness’ month, and we saw the teams pull together to host a variety of activities across campus all month. It was great to watch.”

Of course, as the director of resident life, Glodeck’s job includes plenty of communication with the people who live at Riderwood. She says residents are always welcome to email or call her, or just stop by her office to share ideas or ask questions. 

“Connecting with people is the most important part of all our jobs. We work in their home, so I strive to get to know them on a personal level and formulate lasting relationships,” Glodeck says. “I try to be actively involved in community events, and I enjoy going on our community TV channel as an interviewee or the host of a show.”

For Glodeck and her team, listening to community members isn’t just lip service. They make real changes based on feedback from the people they serve. As an example, the fitness department recently conducted a survey about the services it provides, and in response to the results, in 2017 they are adding more diverse group classes such as Zumba and chair yoga. 

“We are hoping this will increase resident participation in wellness activities and allow more ‘bang for the buck,’” Glodeck says.     

A native of Washington, D.C., Glodeck presently lives in Chevy Chase, Md., with her husband, Chris. In her downtime, she enjoys dancing and going for long walks or bike rides through the city. 

When they’re able to take time off of work, Glodeck and her husband enjoy relaxing on the beach, visiting friends in Colorado, and going offshore fishing. 

“I’m a much better fisherwoman than my husband,” she says. “The biggest fish I’ve caught was a 200-pound white marlin.”