Downsizing? Rightsizing?

It’s really all about ‘letting go’

Created date

February 21st, 2017

Why have we become so caught up in letting the things in our house rule the decisions we make and the way we live? While too many of us see downsizing as a daunting task, others approach it as an exciting step forward. 

But whether your feelings are of anxiety or enthusiasm, loss or liberation—the task of downsizing can be overwhelming at times. It conjures up images and thoughts that prevent you from taking the first big step. Perhaps it’s time to reframe your thought process toward envisioning a new life, a fresh start full of empowerment and possibilities.

Ingrained habits

Years ago, we were raised to hold onto clothing and household items in hopes of using them again in the future—outfits we outgrew and kept for younger siblings, appliances that took a backseat to the “new and improved” models, or gifts that we’d never use. We refrained from discarding things of little value that still worked, even collections like coffee mugs, a second set of china, model airplanes, and yes, purple cows.  

But as we remain steadfast in holding onto our “treasures,” these items all have one thing in common. They take up something even more precious and valuable…SPACE.

When it comes to moving your life forward, like repurposing the bedrooms or the basement, or finally finding space in the garage for the car this winter, you may find yourself asking, “Where will I put all of the stuff that’s in there now?” Decisions like this become even more challenging as you start looking into retirement living and communities that offer less maintenance and more social opportunities.  

The good news is, there are many options that will give you the freedom to see through the clutter and find a new home for your treasures and keepsakes. Personal moving consultants and senior move management services like you’ll find with Erickson Realty and Moving Services can guide you thorough the maze of downsizing and moving. Don’t be surprised to hear yourself say, “That was easy. I wish I’d done this sooner!”