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Friends forever

Childhood friends reconnect after seventy-five years

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February 16th, 2017
Bea Moss (left) and Shelda Soble met as children many decades ago. Now, they both live at Fox Run and have become close friends.

Bea Moss (left) and Shelda Soble met as children many decades ago. Now, they both live at Fox Run and have become close friends.

It’s not uncommon for people who move to Fox Run to discover friends and acquaintances from their past also live there. Former coworkers, long-lost neighbors, and classmates who haven’t seen each other since graduation often have joyful surprise reunions over dinners at the on-site restaurants. 

Resident Bea Moss was shocked and delighted when she reconnected with a very special person from her youth.

Family connection

As a teenager attending high school in Detroit, Mich., Bea’s best friend was a girl named Rhoda. Bea says the two were extremely close and often spent time at one another’s houses after school. 

Rhoda’s family lived in a two-flat home. Rhoda and her parents lived on one level, and on the other lived Rhoda’s sister and her daughter (Rhoda’s niece), Shelda. Bea had the opportunity to get to know the whole family, including little Shelda, a strikingly beautiful eight-year-old girl. 

Bea and Rhoda remained friends after high school but eventually lost touch when they were raising their children. 

Present day

Fast-forward several decades—Bea now lives at Fox Run and one day met a neighbor named Shelda. Time had altered both women’s appearances, but Bea says she instantly thought of the little girl from her teenage years, especially because Shelda is such a unique name. 

Bea decided to call her neighbor Shelda to find out whether her hunch was correct.

“I got her answering machine and went on and on describing who I was,” Bea says. “I told her, ‘If you are who I think you are, then I am your aunt Rhoda’s best friend.” 

Shelda called Bea the very next morning to confirm that she was indeed the little girl Bea knew so many years ago.

Since then, the two have become close friends. They see each other every Friday at Fox Run’s services for Jewish residents, they both belong to the current events group, and they have dinner together every Monday. 

Since reconnecting with Shelda, Bea sadly learned that Rhoda passed away. But she says she is happy to be able to spend quality time with Shelda. 

If you’ve ever reconnected with someone from your distant past, you’re probably familiar with the phenomenon of certain relationships staying fixed in a certain time period: “[Shelda] is still this little girl in my head,” Bea says. “But from that moment when I realized it was her, I thought, ‘I have to take care of her because she is this little girl.’”