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Get ahead of the spring rush

Why and how to list your house by March

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February 20th, 2017
Seabrook Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Williamson says it’s best to have your house on the market between February 15 and February 28—and she’s here to help you do it.

Seabrook Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Williamson says it’s best to have your house on the market between February 15 and February 28—and she’s here to help you do it.

Although people often think of the end of March and April as the “spring market,” the truth is that buyers come out as early as January and February. As time goes on and the weather gets nicer, the market gets more saturated. 

Laurie Williamson, personal moving consultant at Seabrook, the Erickson Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J., says it’s best to list soon after February 15 if you want to sell quickly and for the best price. Here, she offers six suggestions for getting ahead of the spring rush.

Q: When should you aim to have your house on the market so you’re in prime position for the spring market?

A: Aim to have your house on the market between February 15 and February 28, but don’t worry if you haven’t started planning yet and that seems too soon. I offer complimentary assistance to get your house ready for the market, including downsizing, selection of a real estate agent, and recommendations for trusted moving companies. No matter what your time frame is, we’re here to help you get your house sold so you can start enjoying the Erickson Living lifestyle as soon as possible.

Q: What are the benefits of aiming to have your house on the market earlier?

A: By listing your house earlier, you can take advantage of a longer selling season, higher list price, and less competition.

Q: Could you suggest a few ways people can prepare their house for market now so they stay ahead of a saturated market in March, April, and May? 

A: Put a box in each room, and as you pass through the room each day during the week, add something you don’t need. When the box fills, donate these items.  

Make appointments with yourself on your calendar for two hours on a few days during the week to tackle a project. Start with closets, then cabinets, then tabletops, and so on. Work your way around the house. Before you know it, your house will be downsized.

Q: What services do you provide to make this process easier?

A: I offer home visits to priority list members and people who have reserved an apartment at Seabrook to share suggestions and advice. I am also happy to offer two hours of assistance to each homeowner to get started on downsizing. I bring boxes, bags, labels, and other useful supplies. We usually work on decluttering or downsizing a bookcase and office. I actually find this fun, and the results are enlightening for the homeowner. 

Q: What are the most important things to keep in mind when deciding on a list price so that you avoid having your house on the market for an extended period of time, while still selling for a fair price? 

A: Look at the closed sales for the past 90 days in about a one-mile radius of your house. I usually use the elementary school as a center point to pull data on homes in the area. It tightens up the radius to comparable houses. 

Look at houses comparable in style, square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, property size, and upgrades. This should pinpoint your listing price.  

Look to see the current active homes on the market to get an idea of your competition and make sure your listing price is not over by much. You can be under, as the other houses may never sell for the higher price. Your real estate agent can do all of this for you.

Houses under contract can give you a clue as to how the market is doing too. Are houses selling? How long before they go under contract, and what is their price? But note: You will not know the actual closing price until it closes, so do not use them for pricing.

Q: What are the steps for someone who would like to move to Seabrook this year and is just getting started?  

A: Schedule a home visit, look at floor plan options, and see what works best for you. 

Seabrook has a very low inventory this year, so you need to explore your options and know what will work for your lifestyle and needs. That way, you’ll be ready to reserve when the right apartment becomes available.  

We can also work on downsizing and meeting Seabrook’s extended team of trusted real estate agents and downsizers so that you will feel confident to move forward when an apartment becomes available.