Modern pastel painting, Bali woodcarving, Paine Furniture table

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February 21st, 2017
Clockwise from top left: pastel painting, Bali sculpture, Paine Furniture Company table

Clockwise from top left: pastel painting, Bali sculpture, Paine Furniture Company table

Q: I found the artist’s name—Cydney Grossman—on the back of this painting. The painting was done on a 20” x 24” piece of linen. It’s named Girl With Flowers—Kathy 

A: This is a modern portrait of a young woman in the style of Cydney Grossman (American, b. 1909). This is more than likely pastel on paper framed under glass in a gilt wood frame. The size looks like 36” x 38”. The estimated auction value would be $400–$600. Her auction lots have been passed of late, so I do not know how well it would live up to the estimate.

Q: My father obtained this Bali woodcarving in the 1960s. It is approximately 24” tall and was carved by A.A. Fatimah, who I believe is a well-known carver in Bali. I have tried researching this carving online. I have found other works by A.A. Fatimah but none as large or graceful as this one. Can you tell me a little about it and its approximate value? —Louise 

A: Is this piece signed by A.A. Fatimah, Bali? He is well known for his ebony sculptures but also for use of other local hardwoods. He was highly revered in the 1940s and had followers into the 1950s and 1960s. Pieces by Fatimah are now desirable because it is rare to find tribal art that has been consistently signed. The estimated value at auction would be $200–$300.

Q: I would appreciate your appraisal of this table, which has been in the Mead family since the early 1930s. It is a 36” in diameter, 30.5” high table in excellent condition with elaborate carving along the perimeter. The bottom has the following markings:  94.141 painted on M/6/2/1 in chalk, and Paine Furniture Co., Boston, MA, on a brass plate with black background and copper/brassy lettering. —Charlene

A: Paine Furniture Company in Boston is still in existence today. Makers of fine furniture, they are good at marketing in that they are still competitive today with Pottery Barn’s and Amazon’s online markets. Some people still buy the style of table that is in your picture, but the trend has dropped off in the last ten years. This table I would estimate at $150–$300 at auction. It may be a passed lot. The furniture market today is very slow when it comes to antiques.



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