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Sharing life at Devonshire

Diplomats group welcomes visitors, new community members

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February 16th, 2017
Devonshire Sales Manager Lynn Wattles (second from left) poses with 3 of her 30 Diplomat volunteers. Joining Wattles are, from left, Florence Kaplan, Shirley Diuro, and Richard Kolodny.

Devonshire Sales Manager Lynn Wattles (second from left) poses with 3 of her 30 Diplomat volunteers. Joining Wattles are, from left, Florence Kaplan, Shirley Diuro, and Richard Kolodny.

When you move into a home and neighborhood that you love, you can’t wait to share your happiness with your friends.

That’s why people who live at Devonshire, Erickson Living’s prestigious retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens, volunteer for its Diplomats group.

Devonshire Sales Manager and Event Coordinator Lynn Wattles oversees the program. 

Diplomats volunteer at sales luncheons to welcome first-time visitors to Devonshire, and they also serve as dinner hosts to let people who’ve already reserved an apartment home at Devonshire experience an evening there. 

“At our sales events, the Diplomats sit with our guests and answer their questions. They also share what brought them to Devonshire and what’s it like to live here,” says Wattles. 

The guests receive warm, family-like welcomes from the Diplomats. That warmth is genuine; Devonshire is known for the friendliness of its community members as much as it’s known for its luxurious, resort-style living and its spacious apartment homes.

Many of the sales events are held in Cavendish Café, one of Devonshire’s five clubhouse restaurants, all of which received elegant updates in finishes and furnishings during last year’s extensive clubhouse renovations. 

Devonshire often “takes the show on the road” and conducts informational events off site at such distinguished nearby venues as Tequesta Country Club.  

Sharing stories

“In reality,” says Diplomat Flo Kirsch, “everyone who lives here is part of a welcoming committee. When we moved to Devonshire, it became home immediately. And soon it felt like we’d lived here forever.”

When Flo tells guests why she and her husband moved from PGA’s Eagleton neighborhood to Devonshire, it reinforces her own good feelings about their decision. 

The same goes for Diplomat Shirley Diuro, a transplant from the Northeast who chairs Devonshire’s activities committee. 

“Moving is a huge step,” she says. “I want to share how wonderful Devonshire is with people who are thinking about moving. It provides places for our meetings and clubs and games. It provides transportation, live entertainment, and many more [enviable amenities].

“I was in an apartment in Yonkers and loved it, and I had friends there,” Shirley adds. “But I have more friends and more things to do at Devonshire.”

Diplomats Richard and Alene Kolodny’s story begins with their search for a simpler lifestyle. They’d lived in Maryland near the congested environment of Washington, D.C. 

They chose Devonshire for the sheer beauty of its natural surroundings and its location amid the eclectic cultural and educational offerings in the Palm Beach area. They also value that Devonshire gives them the ability to customize their home and live the life they want.

Forging friendships

Diplomats who host Devonshire’s reservists to dinner at one of the community’s world-class clubhouse restaurants not only make their dinner guests feel comfortable in their future surroundings, they also plant seeds of friendship during that evening visit. 

As a result, reservists move in knowing they already have friends at Devonshire.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or you’re counting the days until you move in, Devonshire’s staff and community members will make you feel at home.