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All in good time

Priority list membership ensures best choices of apartments at Eagle’s Trace

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March 9th, 2017
Pegge and Dan Healy were on the priority list at Eagle’s Trace for ten years, giving them top choice of apartments when they were ready to move.

Pegge and Dan Healy were on the priority list at Eagle’s Trace for ten years, giving them top choice of apartments when they were ready to move.

A move to Eagle’s Trace was in the back of Dan and Pegge Healy’s minds for more than a decade before the couple settled into their apartment in Amarillo Terrace, the newest residence building at the West Houston Erickson Living community.

“We visited Eagle’s Trace when it was first under construction, more than ten years ago,” says Pegge, a retired teacher. “We lived nearby in Westchester, so we saw it go up. At the time, we weren’t ready to move, but we thought it was something we might do eventually.”

To keep their options open, Dan and Pegge joined the priority list at Eagle’s Trace by putting down a fully refundable $1,000 deposit to reserve their place in line for the apartment home of their choice.

Priority list members enjoy an array of benefits at the West Houston community, including invitations to exclusive parties and open houses, early announcements about special offers and new construction, and priority access to the continuing care neighborhood.

“We didn’t attend many events at Eagle’s Trace during the first years we were on the priority list,” says Pegge. “But then we started to give more serious consideration to moving.”

The couple lived in their Westchester house for forty-seven years. It was home. Still, Dan and Pegge realized that as they were aging, so was their house.

“As you get older, taking care of a house requires an awful lot of energy,” says Pegge. “We also noticed that the space we used for daily living in our home was about the size of an apartment at Eagle’s Trace.”

Weighing their options

Dan and Pegge were even more intrigued when they learned that Eagle’s Trace was planning to build a new residence building, Amarillo Terrace, scheduled to open in fall 2016.

“We liked the idea of a brand-new apartment,” says Pegge.

To be sure they were moving in the right direction, Dan and Pegge visited other retirement communities in the Houston area and gave careful consideration to their options.

“When it came down to it, we liked Eagle’s Trace and another community that operated on a rental basis,” says Pegge. “The other community offered activities for seniors but didn’t have restaurants or continuing care.”

“Continuing care options on campus were important to us,” adds Dan, a retired computer programmer. “We want to be prepared for whatever comes next, particularly if one of us should need continuing care but not the other. At Eagle’s Trace, we can still be together and receive needed services.”

First choice of apartments

Decision made, the couple met with Sales Counselor Jodie Schroeder to choose their floor plan in Amarillo Terrace. Their priority list status ensured they had an abundance of options.

“I liked the open feeling of the King Ranch right away,” Pegge says of the one-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath floor plan with a den and screened-in patio. “I also liked the den because we both had offices in our house, and we could use the den as a home office.”

Dan and Pegge chose a second-floor King Ranch apartment overlooking the community’s Lake Aguila.

“We have the best view in the building,” says Dan as he surveys the tranquil setting just outside their windows.

The couple moved into their new apartment on November 9, 2016. 

“We’ve loved it since the beginning,” says Pegge. “There’s a real sense of community here. Residents welcome and support each other. It gives us a very secure feeling that we made the right move.”