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An inside look at moving to Ann’s Choice

What it takes, what help is available, and what to expect once you settle in

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March 14th, 2017
Every year, Ann’s Choice makes lifecycle renovations on some part of its campus. This updated entrance lobby was part of the 2015 makeover in Village Clubhouse.

Every year, Ann’s Choice makes lifecycle renovations on some part of its campus. This updated entrance lobby was part of the 2015 makeover in Village Clubhouse.

If you’ve had enough of snow and ice, spend next winter at Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa.

At Ann’s Choice, you’ll enjoy a carefree lifestyle where the grounds crew plows the roads and deices the sidewalks. If electric, plumbing, or HVAC stops working in your one-level apartment home, a phone call to the front desk brings the maintenance team to repair or replace it.

Doctors’ appointments, trips to the bank or pharmacy, workouts and swimming sessions—in fact, all campus activities and amenities—are as close as a walk down hallways and across glass-enclosed, climate-controlled bridges.

Had you lived at the community this past winter, your newspaper would have been delivered to your apartment door, and your trash and recyclables would have been collected there too.

A smooth process

At Ann’s Choice, not only your living is easy, so is your move.

Ann’s Choice and Erickson Living provide resources that take stress and worry out of financing, downsizing, marketing your home, and transitioning smoothly into community life.

Reserving a home and putting down an entrance deposit involves paperwork, but Ann’s Choice sales associates will guide you through it. To ensure that Ann’s Choice is the right decision for you, consider meeting with a sales team member and filling out a financial worksheet together. It will help you determine what size apartment home will be most comfortable for your budget and lifestyle.

Sales associates will thoroughly explain the financial process, and you’ll receive a schedule of payment due dates as you proceed toward your goal of moving to the community.

Before, during, and after your move, count on personal attention from the sales staff. They’ll know your name, ask about your family, and are just a phone call away when you have questions. 

After you’ve settled into your new home, you’ll have additional peace of mind: whether you later decide to leave or you live out your life at Ann’s Choice, 90% of your entrance deposit will be returned to you or your estate. 

Sorting, selling, moving

Regardless of where you are in the moving process, once you’ve joined Ann’s Choice’s priority list you’ll have access to advice and assistance from Colleen Rosica, the community’s personal moving consultant. 

Rosica’s services, part of Erickson Realty and Moving Services, include referrals to a comprehensive list of preferred partners and complimentary coordination of all realty and moving needs, from downsizing and packing to choosing real estate and moving professionals. 

During complimentary home visits, she offers downsizing tips to help you decide what furniture to bring to Ann’s Choice for a perfect fit in your new home. 

A preferred real estate agent will simplify your move too. Besides knowing your area’s housing market and having excellent track records for sales, his or her expertise will sell your home more quickly.

From January through November last year, the average days on market were 34 in Bucks County and 31 in Montgomery County. For Ann’s Choice preferred agents, the numbers were 19 and 25, respectively. This year, interest rates are predicted to go up—now is the perfect time to start the selling and moving process.

Feeling at home

If downsizing and moving represent one side of the moving spectrum, settling into a new neighborhood represents the other. 

Here again, Ann’s Choice has thought of everything. 

As you approach your move’s final stretch, you’ll receive an information packet and a reminder from the sales team. 

The packet includes helpful information such as what facilities are located in each of Ann’s Choice’s three clubhouses, and the time and date of new community member orientation gatherings. 

There’s a list of whom to notify of your new address and a timeline of when to establish your phone, computer, and television service. A schedule of Ann’s Choice’s shopping shuttle and a TV channel guide are included too. 

You’ll also find information about renters insurance, parking spaces, and trash and recycling days. 

Those 18 pages will bring you up to speed, and your new neighbors and every staff person will extend you a warm welcome.

At Ann’s Choice, it truly is about you and your comfort. Choosing to move there means choosing to live a better life. 

In a refrain expressed by many residents, “Ann’s Choice was the best decision I ever made. I wish I’d moved in sooner.” 

To see Ann’s Choice for yourself, call 1-800-401-9069 to schedule an appointment with a sales counselor.