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Neighborhoods full of neighbors

Social opportunities at Highland Springs among community’s best attributes

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March 14th, 2017
Sue and Bill White moved to Highland Springs for the North Dallas community’s amenities and vibrant social calendar.

Sue and Bill White moved to Highland Springs for the North Dallas community’s amenities and vibrant social calendar.

When Bill and Sue White returned to North Texas after ten years on the road in their RV, they had a decade’s worth of unforgettable memories.

“We sold our home in Rockwall and headed out in our RV in 2005,” says Sue. “There were places and landmarks we wanted to see.”

The couple visited all 48 states in the contiguous U.S., Alaska, and most of Canada. By the time they came back to North Texas, Bill and Sue were ready to reestablish themselves in a community.

“We leased a house in Rowlett,” says Sue. “That’s when we realized that today’s neighborhoods aren’t full of neighbors. If you want to meet people, you have to go somewhere—church, clubs, fitness centers.”

In search of community

Taking the future into account, Bill and Sue began visiting retirement communities where they could enjoy a robust social calendar.

“There may come a time when we aren’t able to drive anymore,” says Sue. “Then what? We don’t want to lose friends when we can’t go out anymore. The social component of a community is very important to us.”

Bill and Sue were drawn to one North Dallas community in particular. 

“We kept coming back to Highland Springs,” says Sue. “We liked the on-site continuing care options and the vibrancy of the people we met. There was an aliveness and friendliness that we just didn’t experience at other places.”

Another important consideration? Highland Springs is pet friendly. Bill and Sue could bring their three cats—Charity, Roo, and Oreo—who’d been with them through their traveling days in the RV.

During one visit to Highland Springs, Sue noticed new construction. She went home with a packet of information about Pecan Grove, a residence building scheduled to open in December 2016.

The perfect landing pad

Featuring 108 beautiful apartment homes, the plans for Pecan Grove also included the Reunion Grille Restaurant, exercise studio, and under-building parking. After studying the floor plans, Bill and Sue selected a two-bedroom, two-bath, Radcliffe-style apartment home.

“We were in the midst of downsizing when our landlord decided to sell the home we were leasing,” says Sue. “That threw us into a bit of a tizzy.”

Sue called Christina Christie, the sales counselor at the time at Highland Springs, to ask if there were any available apartments where she and Bill could live until their Pecan Grove apartment was ready.

“Christina called me a week or so later and said we could move into a two-bedroom apartment in the Springdale Vista residence building until Pecan Grove opened,” says Sue.

Bill and Sue, along with Charity, Roo, and Oreo, moved to Highland Springs in March 2016. They settled into their Pecan Grove apartment in January 2017.

“My cousin Grace lives in Austin and visited us a number of times as we were looking at communities and after we moved to Highland Springs,” says Sue. “The wheels were turning in her head. We could almost see her picturing her own life at Highland Springs. Now she’s moving into an apartment just down the hall from us in Pecan Grove.”

Since moving, Bill and Sue have embraced the community life they sought. Sue participates in the Write a Memory class, volunteers in the Hillcrest Market and in the sales office, sings with the Highland Springs chorus, and reports for the in-house television program Howdy Highland Springs. The couple enjoys meeting new neighbors for meals at one of the community’s three on-site restaurants.

“We made the right move,” says Sue. “We can be as social as we want to be at Highland Springs.”