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New dining experience on the menu at Seabrook

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March 14th, 2017
Seabrook is one of 19 Erickson Living communities to introduce Signature Dining, an all-new, cooked-to-order menu.

Seabrook is one of 19 Erickson Living communities to introduce Signature Dining, an all-new, cooked-to-order menu.

Guests at Seabrook’s three sit-down restaurants have been noticing some changes on the menu the past few months. 

The Tinton Falls, N.J., Erickson Living community rolled out its new Signature Dining program, an all-new, cooked-to-order menu, in September 2016. The vision of Signature Dining at all Erickson Living communities can be summed up in a single statement from the company’s corporate vision statement:

“Simply put, our goal is fresh, made-to-order, resident-focused menu offerings, executed at the moment of service to
deliver an exceptional dining experience.”

Distinct dining

Each restaurant has its own distinct menu, with popular entrees like filet mignon, bourbon salmon, shrimp Newberg, and roast turkey. To keep things fresh, Seabrook’s dining services team stays on top of the latest culinary trends, from food to service to ambience.

The Princeton, located in Town Square Clubhouse, has remained a buffet; however, Signature Dining introduced action stations as well as cooked-to-order, composed items from the kitchen. 

While still a formal sit-down restaurant, The Fireside in Village Center Clubhouse now offers a variety of salads and grilled foods, as well as beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian entrees. 

The popular Tides Café, also in Village Center, will undergo a major renovation this year to improve flow, efficiency, ambience, and the takeout program. 

“Market research indicated that this is what incoming residents are looking for: fresh, cooked-to-order food, smaller venues, and themed restaurants,” says Dining Services Director Mary Beth Sheehan.

Healthy choices

Seabrook also offers diners easy ways to choose healthful foods through a program called Healthier Choice, which follows the USDA dietary guidelines for Americans and the American Heart Association’s recommendations with regard to the amount of fat, sodium, and sugar in food.

Smart Sweet, an alternative dessert program for people who want to avoid fat and sugar but still enjoy dessert after a meal, is also available.

Community members enjoy full access to nutritional information on the meals served in each of the three restaurants on My Nutrition, an easy-to-use website that empowers residents to make informed food choices. 

This year, residents and guests can expect the dining experience to only improve further. 

“Residents have been impressed with the quality of the entrees,” Sheehan says. “As with any new program, there are challenges and bumps in the road; 2017 is the year we are refining the program and ensuring consistency.”