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No more lonesome lifestyle

Maxine Brown embraces all Seabrook has to offer

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March 14th, 2017
Maxine Brown takes a break from all her activities and relaxes in her Brighton-style apartment home at Seabrook.

Maxine Brown takes a break from all her activities and relaxes in her Brighton-style apartment home at Seabrook.

If anyone is equipped to share the Erickson Living lifestyle firsthand, it’s Maxine Brown. Though she’s lived at Seabrook, the Erickson Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J., for just two years, she’s been visiting friends and relatives there for 17 years and a priority list member for seven. 

“I had cousins who were the third people to move here when it first opened. I visited them every two weeks, so I learned what Seabrook was all about,” Maxine explains. 

As an ambassador, she uses her extensive knowledge of the community—as a family member, a priority list member, and as a resident—to answer questions from people interested in moving there and to give them a taste of life at the maintenance-free community.

‘Rich in services’

Maxine says it’s not hard to gush about life at Seabrook. “There are so many good things about Seabrook,” she says.

From the convenient monthly service package that includes nearly all living expenses to the on-site medical center, fitness center, transportation to destinations, interest groups, and a schedule full of activities, “I haven’t found anything I’m not pleased with,” she says. “We are rich in services.”

As a former nurse, Maxine says she’s particularly impressed with the on-site, full-service medical center. Many residents change their primary care physician to one of Seabrook’s full-time physicians. They never have to go far for well or sick appointments. Community members can be seen the same day with no wait time and a 30-minute appointment.

Aside from medical services, Seabrook offers leisure and maintenance services so that people can live their most active and vibrant retirement. 

Round-the-clock home maintenance is included in the monthly service package, from repairing an appliance to replacing a lightbulb. Instead of tackling home and yard chores, residents are tackling hobbies, continuing education, and physical fitness.

Change is good

Maxine moved from a large house in Greenbriar Woodlands, a 55-plus community in Toms River, where she says she felt alone. At Seabrook, she plays bingo and other games, swims daily in the indoor aquatics center, and eats with friends each night in one of the on-site restaurants.

“I have a wonderful time at meals because of the people at our table. We tell a lot of jokes, but we’re there for each other too,” she says. “It’s certainly different from the way I’ve lived before, but I’m very comfortable.”

In fact, that’s one piece of advice she gives to potential residents: “It takes a month or two to adjust to life here, but there are so many staff members who are here for new residents—for giving advice, for recognizing certain services that you didn’t even realize you need, for making you feel comfortable and at home,” Maxine says.

The friendship patio

That same helpful staff worked with Maxine when she sold her house in three days to find the apartment that best fit her budget, lifestyle, and priorities.

She chose a ground-floor, one-bedroom Brighton-style apartment home with a patio. 

Though she didn’t originally think she wanted a Brighton, it has turned out to be a great decision. “I’m so comfortable here. Especially being on the ground floor; I have a front door and a new French back door, which I use most often because I park my car right out back,” she says.

As for making friends, she’s met handfuls of neighbors by just sitting on her patio. “People come and sit here with me,” she says. 

Quite a difference from her lonesome lifestyle in Toms River.