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Time to shine

Local writer Dave Jones nurtures his creative side

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March 14th, 2017
Ann’s Choice resident Dave Jones’ latest short story gets a rave review from his wife Cynthia, who serves as his editor.

Ann’s Choice resident Dave Jones’ latest short story gets a rave review from his wife Cynthia, who serves as his editor.

Before Dave Jones and his wife Cynthia moved from Ivyland, Pa., to Ann’s Choice, the Erickson Living retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., he wrote and edited corporate communications. But he yearned to be more creative. 

“I didn’t have the energy to come home after work and write,” he says. “But here it’s perfect. I get up in the morning, and the day is my own. My ideas percolate till they have enough shape to become a story.” 

Literary couple

Some ideas become guest columns in local papers; he’s published 52 of those so far. 

He submits his short stories to literary magazines across the country and has published 35 of them. They span nearly every genre, from baseball stories and humorous pieces to spellbinding tales of crime and suspense. He’s also published a horror story.

Willing to tackle any type of writing, Dave has even penned some poetry and is working on a young adult novel. Everything he has read, heard, or seen is grist for his ideas mill.

He posts some of his stories on Ann’s Choice’s resident activity website. 

The Joneses have organized the second bedroom of their spacious apartment home into his and hers office spaces. Dave’s space is where he writes.

Cynthia, who is politically active and issues-oriented, spends much of her office time on the phone with one or another of her organizations. Her conversations amount to white noise for Dave, and his keyboarding doesn’t intrude on her conversations. 

A founder of the campus group Progressives for Positive Change, Cynthia also belongs to a local chapter of League of Women Voters and serves on the board of Warrenton Free Library. She unwinds by reading as many as ten books a month.

“Reading takes me away from all my commitments,” she says. “I get books anywhere I can.” That includes the libraries at Ann’s Choice. A lending library maintained by resident volunteers is available in each of the community’s three clubhouses.

Teaming for success

Dave’s writing success is due in part to Cynthia, his live-in editor. They make a good team, as literature and writing are in their blood.  

Cynthia’s son is a writer whose genres are as eclectic as Dave’s. He leads a writing group in Hatboro that Dave attends as well. 

Dave leads a book group at the Joneses’ Unitarian church in Warrenton, where the couple is active in several other activities. 

They moved to Ann’s Choice because of its easier, maintenance-free lifestyle. 

“We had a townhouse for almost 20 years and had done everything to it,” says Cynthia.  When they realized they’d be redoing forever, they decided to move.

They have simplified life in terms of home maintenance and upkeep, “But we’ve busied it up in other ways because of all our activities,” Cynthia says.

Their campus activities include Ann’s Choice’s short story reading group, the spirituality group, and a tai chi class. And Cynthia plays a lot of bridge.

Still, “Ann’s Choice suits us because it’s easy to meet people and make friends,” she says. “It’s not so easy to maintain friendships after you leave work. It’s easy to do that here because you see people every day and you eat dinner with them.”

As a result, she and Dave are experiencing a much more enjoyable social life than they’d ever had before. 

“And,” Dave says, “the food is really good.”