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‘Wind Crest Days’

Colorado couple follows family tradition of choosing Erickson Living

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March 14th, 2017
Jack Lane and his wife Candy Kane will move to Longs Ridge this year. They’re looking forward to it so much that they’ve incorporated the phrase “Wind Crest Days” into their vernacular.

Jack Lane and his wife Candy Kane will move to Longs Ridge this year. They’re looking forward to it so much that they’ve incorporated the phrase “Wind Crest Days” into their vernacular.

For Jack Lane and his wife Candy Kane the decision to move to an Erickson Living community came easily. 

“We appreciate the Erickson approach, their desire for people to be healthier,” Candy says simply. 

But how they got to appreciate the Erickson Living lifestyle is a longer story—one that gave them perspective and made them confident and excited to move this year to Wind Crest in Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Years ago, Candy’s mother had made a decision to trade her big, lonely house for maintenance-free, vibrant living at Greenspring, the Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va. 

Over the course of twelve years “she thrived. She couldn’t have been happier with her life,” says Candy.

What’s more, Candy adds, “As she got older, my siblings and I came to appreciate what a phenomenal gift she had given to us with where she had chosen to live.”

She and Jack knew they wanted to give the same gift to their daughter. “We saw it from my Mom’s perspective and from our kid’s perspective,” Candy says. “Ultimately, we realized that’s the kind of place we wanted to move to,” says Candy. Yet they weren’t quite ready. 

Landing out west

In the meantime, they chased their dreams of traveling the country and leaving the congestion of the D.C. area. When Jack discovered Colorado, he liked what he saw—bike trails, walking trails, nice people. In 2006 they relocated from Northern Virginia to an active adult community in Thornton, Colo. 

“We could have moved anywhere in the country, and we absolutely love Colorado,” says Jack. “It wasn’t on our criteria list to have an Erickson community nearby, but when we discovered Wind Crest was being built in Highlands Ranch in 2007, we visited and ultimately joined the priority list there in 2010.”

Priority list members are prospective residents who have expressed an interest in moving to Wind Crest and put down a fully refundable $1,000 deposit to reserve their place in line for the apartment home of their choice. 

While they have lived in Thornton, they have witnessed Candy’s eldest sister and her husband’s life at Highland Springs, the Erickson Living community in Dallas, Tex. 

“We have gotten to also see what it’s like to move [to an Erickson community] at our age, rather than in your 80s, like Mom. They told us to move in while we can still enjoy it, not when you needed services a month ago,” Candy says.

Since 2010, Jack and Candy have taken advantage of many opportunities to visit Wind Crest, meet future neighbors, experience the lifestyle, and watch it grow. As priority list members, they have gotten first notice of all new buildings and floor plans. 

When they saw the floor plans of Longs Ridge, Wind Crest’s newest residence building that will open this summer, they new the time was right. “The models really appealed to us,” says Candy. 

Because of their priority status, they were able to reserve a two-bedroom, two bath, Stratford floor plan, which also includes a den—before apartments were announced to the general public. 

The model appealed to Jack and Candy for several reasons: the open concept with the kitchen as hub of the home, the two bedrooms, and two baths.

Their reason for having two bedrooms is a smart one: when one is sick, he or she sleeps in the spare bedroom. It’s also handy for company, including their children who visit regularly in summer. 

Plus, says Jack, It was the right amount of space—1,400 square feet. “It’s not too big, not too little,” he says. 

The list goes on and on

While Jack says they’re looking forward to downsizing—“There is so much about our current space that we don’t really use”—they have a host of other things to anticipate as well.

“I’m looking forward to moving to a large community of hundreds of people we get to know. I’m also looking forward to learning about the community in and around Wind Crest. We’re looking forward to new volunteer opportunities,” Candy says.

“Wind Crest offers a whole lot of activities. [At our current active adult community,] on cold winter days, I can go down to our clubhouse, but I have to get dressed warmly and drive. I’m looking forward to not having to bundle up,” she continues. 

They also look forward to being able to dine in Wind Crest’s restaurants every day. 

Jack plans on continuing his golf game at the course next door. And they’ll both participate in the many intellectual activities offered on campus.

Overall, Candy says, they’re looking forward to vibrant living at Wind Crest for years to come.