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‘You can spread your wings’

Yvette Furst credits Devonshire for her expanded, involved lifestyle

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March 8th, 2017
Devonshire member Yvette Furst loves the upscale décor in the community’s clubhouse.

Devonshire member Yvette Furst loves the upscale décor in the community’s clubhouse.

Yvette Furst says life is an adventure. Her most recent adventure began when she moved from La Posada retirement community to Devonshire at PGA National, Erickson Living’s senior living community in Palm Beach Gardens.

During her twelve years at La Posada, Yvette also found herself drawn to Devonshire. She and Devonshire Community Resources Director Irene Malanga had long been friends, so Yvette often attended events at Devonshire and even went along on some of its cruises.

A year and a half ago she moved to Devonshire permanently. “Maybe it’s better there was a delay in my coming here because I’m loving it,” she says. 

At the time of her move Devonshire was abuzz with plans for its extensive and ultimately award-winning renovation. When work began, “We all watched the activity to see what would happen next,” says Yvette. “Every day was a new adventure—exciting and interesting.”

But she’s impressed by much more than the clubhouse’s new look. 

Yvette chose her two-bedroom, two-bath apartment home in part for its extra-large rooms and huge closets. A former fashion coordinator, she says she had to have lots of closets.

But what confirmed her decision was the apartment’s location. It overlooks a beautifully landscaped courtyard. “It’s an absolutely spectacular vista of sun, blue skies, and palm trees,” says Yvette. 

She even loves her kitchen, which boasts the latest finishes and high-end appliances. “Not that I cook,” she says. Devonshire’s five world-class clubhouse restaurants guarantee that the menus will always offer delicious choices. What’s more, Yvette never has to go outside to get to any of Devonshire’s restaurants. They’re all within indoor strolling distance.

And the updated clubhouse rooms and restaurants reflect the sophisticated lifestyle Yvette has always lived. 

“Devonshire is a very upscale community,” she says. “I love its grandeur. This is like living in a good hotel in New York City. The amenities are impressive and the service is excellent.” 

She also appreciates the formality of more formal dining in some of the restaurants and that community members enjoy dressing up in the evening.

People matter most

As much as Yvette revels in her new surroundings, her real focus is people. 

At her half-time job as volunteer coordinator at Eissey Theatre at Palm Beach State College, she rubs shoulders with college students.

Previous work experience in special events prepared her for the ongoing juggling act of organizing schedules for ushers, ticket takers, and other theater volunteers. 

“I’m working with younger people, which keeps my mind fertile,” Yvette says. “The backstage crew is all young kids. They include me in everything, all their parties, so I laugh a lot. I’ve been doing this for twenty years, and it adds a new dimension to my life.”

At Devonshire she delights in the camaraderie of her engaging neighbors, people who have led interesting and accomplished lives. 

Yvette also participates in community life, such as her service on the Resident Council’s activities committee. And the clubhouse theater’s roster of daily films has turned her into a weekend moviegoer. 

Yvette’s love for Devonshire and her extensive friends network led her to volunteer with the sales office’s Diplomat corps.

In her role as a diplomat she attends Devonshire’s sales events and often finds herself sitting with people she knows from her many years of residence in Palm Beach and Admirals Cove. 

“I was a doer then,” says Yvette. “I did everything—golf, tennis, cards—so I know a lot of people.”

No shortage of activities

Yvette is still a doer, of course. She credits Devonshire for much of that because it offers a large variety of on-site activities, off-site trips, and live entertainment four nights a week. 

Members also have corporate membership privileges at PGA National Resort and Spa.

“Devonshire brings you out as a senior and gives you confidence to do things,” Yvette says. “You can spread your wings.” 

So her adventure continues and she basks in the beauty and friendships that surround her.  

“I can’t explain the kind of joy I feel each day,” says Yvette. “Devonshire is a feel-good place. I love it here.”