No more condo isolation

Pennsylvania woman chooses Erickson Living community

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April 13th, 2017
Bernice Segal’s place to relax in her home at Ann’s Choice is her sunny bay window alcove.

Bernice Segal’s place to relax in her home at Ann’s Choice is her sunny bay window alcove.

After she stopped driving, Bernice Segal felt isolated in her two-bedroom condo in tiny Yardley, Pa. She wanted to be around people, but her neighbors all worked.

She decided to move to a retirement community. After looking at several, she chose Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa.

She liked its size and activities, and it felt comfortable because a good friend already lived there. 

But Bernice worried that her condo wouldn’t sell and that moving in late December 2016 would be difficult. Neither was the case. 

“The move really was simple,” says Bernice. “Ann’s Choice made it simple.” 

Bernice took advantage of help provided through the Erickson Realty and Moving Services program and Colleen Rosica, the personal moving consultant at Ann’s Choice. 

During a home visit, Rosica helped Bernice decide what to bring from her condo to her one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment home with a bay window at Ann’s Choice. 

Vetted vendors

Rosica also provided names of recommended moving professionals considered Ann’s Choice’s preferred partners. Bernice used a preferred real estate agent, mover, and senior move manager. 

“The sales staff kept reassuring me my condo would sell,” she says. “It was like they held my hand, which took a lot of pressure off of me.” 

Her condo did sell, in just three weeks. And using a preferred agent earned her a $2,000 credit on her moving bill.

Bernice’s preferred mover packed her goods.

The senior move manager unpacked everything, put things away, made Bernice’s bed, and hung up her towels. “There was nothing I had to do,” she says. “It was the best thing Colleen told me to do.” 

Bernice immediately got involved in campus activities. She belongs to the Keystone Krafters, the short story club, and an informal after-dinner women’s discussion group. 

She goes to movies and to programs in the campus performing arts center.

“I’ve never felt lonely,” she says. “Nobody gets in your back pocket here, but they all want to be friends. If you go to an activity, they welcome you. If you go back a second time, you’re part of that activity. 

“From the first day, I knew I’d made the right decision.”