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Perks of the priority list

It’s never too early to secure your future at Eagle’s Trace

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April 6th, 2017
Wayne and Jean Wilcott were on the priority list at Eagle’s Trace for ten years before moving to the West Houston community in 2016.

Wayne and Jean Wilcott were on the priority list at Eagle’s Trace for ten years before moving to the West Houston community in 2016.

Shortly after Wayne and Jean Wilcott moved to Katy, Tex., in 2002 to be closer to their daughter and her family, they noticed a new retirement community under construction near their old West Houston neighborhood.

The couple visited Eagle’s Trace after it opened in 2005.

“We liked the idea of a continuing care retirement community and all the amenities planned for Eagle’s Trace, but we weren’t ready to commit at that time,” says Wayne. “We joined the priority list to keep our options open for the future.”

First step

Joining the priority list is the first step toward a vibrant future at Eagle’s Trace. Whether you see yourself moving in several months or several years, joining the priority list is the only way to ensure you’ll have a home there once you’re ready.

All it takes to join the priority list is a fully refundable $1,000 deposit, plus a $150-per-person nonrefundable processing fee, to reserve your place in line for the apartment home of your choice. The day you join the priority list becomes your priority date, giving you preference over everyone else who joins the list after you.

When your desired floor plan becomes available, you’re given first right of refusal based on your priority list status. Passing on an apartment doesn’t change your priority list status. Should your future plans change, your priority list status is transferable to another Erickson Living community.

For Wayne and Jean, their standing on the priority list allowed them to get their preferred apartment home when they decided the time was right to move.

Ten years to plan the perfect move

“We were on the priority list for ten years,” says Jean, a retired teacher and librarian. “We received invitations to events at the community, and we came at least once a year to touch base with the sales staff.”

The sales team contacted the couple when an apartment that met their criteria became available.

“We looked at a number of apartments throughout the years,” says Wayne. “Sometimes I’d be ready to move, but Jean wasn’t. Other times she was ready and I wasn’t.”

“One of the reasons we stayed on the priority list for so long was that we knew we wanted to be able to access the continuing care options on campus should we need them,” adds Jean. “I had an uncle in Wisconsin who needed additional care and had difficulty getting into his preferred location.”

Perks of the priority list include priority access to the continuing care neighborhood at Eagle’s Trace, which offers post-acute rehabilitation, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. Priority list members can also use the medical center at Eagle’s Trace with its full-time physicians specializing in senior health.

Other perks include invitations to exclusive parties, open houses, seminars, and outings, as well as early announcements about special offers and new construction.

First choice of apartments

When Eagle’s Trace announced the construction of a new residence building, Amarillo Terrace, scheduled to open in the fall of 2016, both Wayne and Jean felt the timing was right for a move.

“We knew we wanted an open floor plan on the first floor of Amarillo Terrace,” says Jean. “Our priority list status enabled us to get the apartment we wanted.”

The couple moved into their one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath Bluebonnet-style apartment in November 2016. The community’s outdoor amenities, including a walking path around Lake Aguila, are just a few steps from their front door. 

“One of the great benefits of being on the priority list was that it enabled me to really understand what was involved in making this move,” says Jean. “It was an easier transition because we’d had time to think it through. Once we moved, we were able to start enjoying all that Eagle’s Trace has to offer.”