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Best value for the dollar

From the perfect floor plan to peace of mind, Ann’s Choice has it all

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May 31st, 2017
Bud Williams, who retired from his role as senior facilities manager at Ann’s Choice, and his wife Cheryl (shown in their kitchen) moved to the community this spring.

Bud Williams, who retired from his role as senior facilities manager at Ann’s Choice, and his wife Cheryl moved to the community this spring.

For Bud and Cheryl Williams, moving from Churchville, Pa., to Ann’s Choice was a simple decision.

The Erickson Living retirement community in Bucks County opened in 2003. Bud started working there in 2004 when the third of Ann’s Choice’s now 15 residence buildings was under construction. 

Planning ahead

Because Bud retired as senior facilities manager, you could say he knew Ann’s Choice from the ground up. And because the couple wanted to eventually live at Ann’s Choice, they joined its priority list early on. 

“At first, we decided on just one floor plan,” says Bud. “Then we thought we should expand our choices, and we added two more.” 

In short order, a sales associate called to say that one of the styles they wanted was available. “We didn’t take it, but the speed of that phone call told us things could happen quickly,” Bud says. They started downsizing. 

Bud sold their motor home and listed some of his shop equipment on craigslist. He sold 90% of his train collection to the son of an Ann’s Choice resident. The rest he donated to the campus train club.

Colleen Rosica, the personal moving consultant at Ann’s Choice, visited the couple and gave them downsizing tips and her list of vetted and trusted moving professionals.

“She provided all the information we needed to help us sell our house and move,” says Cheryl.

Comforts of home

When another apartment home became available, a two-bedroom, two-bath floor plan that featured a patio and a courtyard view, it was just what the Williamses wanted. 

And, says Bud, it provided the same number of rooms they’d been using in their house. 

They reserved it and listed their house with an Ann’s Choice preferred agent. The house sold in seven days. 

They also used a preferred mover for their piano and large furniture. One of their sons helped pack and move everything else. 

“People should bring the things that matter to them and hold memories,” says Bud. “They’re not in the same location, but when you look around, it’s home.”

Cheryl agrees: “I call this my house now. My things are here, so it feels like home. And I’m comfortable because everyone, staff and residents, are so friendly.”

She especially values Ann’s Choice’s security of a gated entrance and its team of EMTs who respond within two minutes to emergencies.

“That’s a lot of peace of mind,” she says. “I lived in our house for 49 years, but I didn’t feel as secure there as I do here. Our kids won’t have to worry about us.”

Easy adjustment

Because Cheryl likes to cook, the couple chose Ann’s Choice’s flexible dining plan of 20 meal credits apiece each month. But because she still works, she’s also happy to dine in a campus restaurant and let the Ann’s Choice chefs do the cooking. 

She and Bud sample the community’s five on-site restaurants and like to be seated with people they don’t yet know. It’s an easy way to make friends.

They’re also involved in campus activities like the genealogy group and the garden club. 

Cheryl uses the campus fitness center. Bud belongs to the model railroad club and chats with sales event guests as an Ann’s Choice ambassador. “He loves to promote Ann’s Choice,” says Cheryl.

They consider their move as planning for the future. Should they need additional care, the community provides a medical center and a rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood right on site.

“At Ann’s Choice, I know that if something happened to one of us,” says Bud, “the other would have everything they’d need and would live worry free. I tell everyone that you can’t get better value for your dollar at any other community.”