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Catered lifestyle

Devonshire’s floor plans suit every taste

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May 5th, 2017
A view from the great room in a Brittany-style apartment home at Devonshire highlights the versatility its floor plan provides.

A view from the great room in a Brittany-style apartment home at Devonshire highlights the versatility its floor plan provides.

Devonshire at PGA National, Erickson Living’s senior living community in Palm Beach Gardens, offers a selection of 39 different floor plans. Apartment sizes range from spacious one-bedroom styles to luxurious two-bedroom homes that include a den and a library and total nearly 2,800 square feet.

Truly, says Sales Counselor Donna Schneider, prospective members can find the perfect home to suit their lifestyle and budget. “Our members include both teachers and CEOs,” Schneider says, “and regardless of the size home they choose, they enjoy the exact same amenities and lifestyle.”

So many people have moved to Devonshire for its catered lifestyle that apartment availability has decreased. 

The best way to ensure moving in a timely fashion is to join Devonshire’s priority list. It’s equally important to be flexible with your timeline.

Devonshire’s one-bedroom floor styles are especially popular, so it’s critical to be ready to move when one becomes available. 

Because it’s also wise not to limit your choice to a single apartment style, priority list members eager to begin living the Devonshire lifestyle can benefit from talking with Personal Moving Consultant Lori Hampton. 

“Lori can help you expand your choices of what styles would work for you,” says Schneider. “The more open you are to considering multiple apartment styles, the sooner you can move.” 

The wonderful one-bedroom Ashton 

After 21 years of condominium living in Manhattan, Nancy Levine took up residence in a one-bedroom, Ashton-style apartment at Devonshire two years ago. 

Not a passive spectator, Nancy participates in life. She’s active at Devonshire and has become part of the Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood too. As a result, she has friends to do things with in both places. 

Nancy didn’t have a car in Manhattan, and she doesn’t have one now. She uses Devonshire’s complimentary transportation or Uber to take her to her off-site commitments, and she sets an exhilarating pace. 

“I didn’t spend much time in my apartment in Manhattan,” she says, “so why change now?” She adds, tongue in cheek: “My apartment at Devonshire is a great place to sleep.”

Her Ashton floor style has all the space Nancy needs, and its location recharges her energy. When she sits on her terrace, soothing water sounds float up from the fountains below.

Who does she think would be happy in an Ashton? “A single person who wants to be with people, who wants to do things and explore ideas and places,” Nancy says. “Someone who doesn’t want to spend the day in their apartment.” (Turn to page 10 to see the Ashton blueprint.)

The versatile Brittany

“When a two-bedroom apartment become available, it’s likely to be a Brittany style,” says Schneider. “Including the terrace, the Brittany provides 1,500 square feet of space.”

She’s discovered that people who think they need a 2,000-square-foot home find that because its space is so versatile, the Brittany works wonderfully well and comfortably accommodates their furnishings.

That was the case for Lois and Sandy Edelstein, who moved to Devonshire two years ago. When they realized they only used the office, bedroom, and great room in their home in PGA’s Eagleton Estates, they chose the Brittany. 

“It’s perfect,” says Lois. “I’ve been happy from day one.” 

Before they moved, the Edelsteins’ apartment received updates featuring a bathroom makeover, which included replacing the bathtub with an extra-large shower. It’s a change Sandy and Lois both applaud.

Their home provides the couple with ideal shared spaces. They often gravitate to their comfortable den/guest room, originally their second bedroom.

They eat breakfast in their dining room. They eat lunch and sometimes dinner on their terrace, which has become their favorite room.

When the Edelsteins want separate spaces, the Brittany provides those too.  

If Sandy is listening to books on tape in the den, Lois can read in the living room or relax on the terrace. 

“The apartment is our space,” she says. “We use every room. Devonshire and the Brittany were both good decisions.”



Move-in ready

Most apartments coming available at Devonshire have already been updated with today’s most desirable finishes, such as granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and the equally desirable trends in bathroom and kitchen design. 

Considered move-in ready, they’re ideal for people who want to start enjoying the lifestyle right away.

While these apartments won’t be routinely re-renovated, Sales Counselor Donna Schneider says that reservists are always welcome to commission upgrades or have their chosen apartment customized to meet their desires. 



Priority choice

Devonshire’s priority list, comprised of people who plan to move to the Erickson Living community, allows prospective residents to reserve their place in line for an apartment home with their desired features. 

Then, when a preferred floor plan becomes available, the sales team gives first choice and right of refusal to priority list members based on their joining date. The earlier you join the list, the shorter your timeline will be to move into your desired apartment style. 

To learn about the priority list’s refundable $1,000 deposit, its application fee, and the additional benefits of joining the list, call Devonshire’s sales office, 1-800-442-7650, and arrange to talk with an associate.