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First impressions

Learn about Fox Run in a relaxed, informative setting

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May 30th, 2017
Sales Counselor Carolyn Ives is most people’s first point of contact when they visit Fox Run for an appointment and tour.

Sales Counselor Carolyn Ives is most people’s first point of contact when they visit Fox Run for an appointment and tour.

Many people’s first encounter with Fox Run is an appointment with the community’s sales counselor, Carolyn Ives. That initial appointment is an excellent opportunity to learn more about what the Erickson Living community in Novi, Mich., has to offer and to get a sense of whether it’s right for you. 

One thing you won’t get when you visit Fox Run is a high-pressure sales pitch. Ives says her meetings with prospective residents are not “one size fits all.” She works hard to get an understanding of what people are looking for in retirement living to help them decide whether Fox Run is the best fit for them.

“People come to us with a variety of interests, move-in time frames, and apartment home preferences,” Ives says. “This meeting is an opportunity for both the prospective resident and me to discover what is important to make the right choice in this very important future life change.”

If you’re curious about what you can expect at your first appointment, here are some answers from Ives on frequently asked questions during a typical appointment. 

Q: What typically happens at your first meeting with prospective residents? 

A: A first visit to Fox Run is an information-sharing time. As people come to learn about the community, I welcome this opportunity to learn more about them—their story, their family and friends, and their interests. 

During our conversation, we review their priorities and their wish list for the future so we can tailor the time they spend with me to best reflect those areas of priority to them. 

Most importantly, the appointment brings the community to life—they can experience the community and get a feel as to the heart and pulse of Fox Run. 

Q: What can people do to get the most out of their first meeting with you? 

A: Prior to the appointment, I would encourage people to call the sales office and ask for a complimentary Fox Run brochure. The mailed brochure will provide an overview of the community, including the lifestyle, activities, apartment home styles, and an overview of the financial aspect. Upon review, this may spark additional areas they’ll want to explore or experience on their visit.

Q: What kinds of questions do you answer for people during their first meeting with you? 

A: Many visitors come with a list of pressing questions, primarily revolving around the lifestyle, for example: What does the community offer that will keep me connected and involved? How does this activity fit into my lifestyle? 

People also often have questions about the living accommodations at Fox Run: Which one of the 50-plus apartment home styles best suits me? 

And they usually want to discuss the wellness and medical amenities here, including the fitness center, healthy and balanced meals, the engaging lifestyle, the on-site medical center, home support, and the full continuum of care: What does the community have in place to keep me healthy? What happens if my health care needs change?

Q: How do you want people to feel when they leave their initial meeting with you?  

A: I hope that they have experienced that Fox Run is a community of choice—they have an opportunity to choose the community within which they would like to live, and once they commit, they have many options in apartment home styles and activities available right outside their doors. 

I hope that when people leave our appointment, they feel the warmth and vitality of what Fox Run has to offer and that they have had a chance to engage with some of the people who live here and witness the heart of the community that the residents themselves have created.  

Q: If people are interested in learning more about Fox Run after their first meeting, what is the next step?  

A: After this initial meeting, I encourage people to go home, reflect on what they saw and heard on their visit, and then return for another visit to delve deeper into those areas of interest to them. 

It is difficult to take it all in on one visit—I welcome the opportunity to meet with them again, or, if appropriate, bring those who may be involved in the decision—family or friends—for a tour of the community. 

We also have additional group opportunities, luncheons, expos, and special events that I would encourage people to attend to become more familiar with the community and meet their future neighbors.

Q: In addition to an individual appointment and tour, what other opportunities do people have to visit and learn more about Fox Run? 

A: We make every effort to provide a prospective resident with many exposures to the community through events, such as our resident activity expos and Meet the Doctors panel discussions. 

If they take the next step in committing to the community by joining the priority list, they then have access to special event offerings and just-released information on construction and other news that comes with being a priority list member. 

Additionally, priority list members can take advantage of our Erickson Realty and Moving Services program and work with Fox Run Personal Moving Consultant Kristine Kluge. She serves as a partner in the moving process and provides complimentary coordination of all realty and moving needs, including downsizing, home staging, packing, and selection of a real estate professional. It’s part of our comprehensive approach to moving and transitioning to the worry-free Fox Run lifestyle.