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Going, going, almost gone

Windsor Run already 75% sold out

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May 25th, 2017
Patrick Plumadore, Erickson Living’s vice president of dining services, addresses Windsor Run reservists and priority list members on the community’s unique, resident-centered dining program.

Patrick Plumadore, Erickson Living’s vice president of dining services, addresses Windsor Run reservists and priority list members on the community’s unique, resident-centered dining program.

With less than a year until Windsor Run opens its doors to the first community members, demand for the Erickson Living lifestyle in North Carolina is reaching a fevered pitch.

“Windsor Run is now 75% sold out,” says Windsor Run Director of Sales Tom Senger. “People are eager to be among our community’s first residents, a distinction that comes with many benefits.”

To help prepare those who’ve reserved their home at Windsor Run, as well as those on the priority list, the Windsor Run sales team is hosting a series of events, known as the Live Well series, featuring Erickson Living leaders presenting a wealth of information on dining, finances, the on-site medical center, and Erickson Realty and Moving Services.

“The response to these presentations has also been tremendous,” says Senger. “Almost as soon as the invites are sent, we reach capacity. As a result, we find ourselves scheduling additional presentation times. People are eager to not only learn more, but also to ask their important questions of the people responsible for making decisions about Windsor Run’s future. It is truly a unique opportunity.”

Opportunity on the menu

Patrick Plumadore, Erickson Living’s vice president of dining services, and former Matthews, N.C., resident, offered the first presentation focusing on Windsor Run’s unique dining program. He presented three times over the course of two days to a capacity crowd.

“When I came to Erickson Living three years ago, the first question I asked was ‘How can I make dining more enjoyable for our residents?’” he says. “What evolved was a dining plan developed by Erickson Living for Erickson Living. The biggest change was the decision to move from batch cooking to cooking to order.

“For example, how many people come home from a wedding or bar mitzvah and say, ‘Hey, that was a great meal?’ You don’t and that’s because everything is made ahead of time, with very few, if any, modifications. The switch to a la minute (in the moment cooking) not only enables us to offer better quality dishes but also provides more flexibility when it comes to dietary restrictions and taste preferences, such as less butter, no salt, grilled not fried.”

Each meal enjoyed at Windsor Run will be cooked to order and delivered piping hot as soon as it is cooked.

Plumadore went on to explain that Windsor Run community members will also enjoy a regional-specific menu, enhanced daily menu offerings, chef-inspired creations, and a variety of different dining venues.

Something for everyone

The Woodland Commons Clubhouse will be home to three different restaurants, each designed for the varying needs of community members. The sit-down, full-service restaurant will offer three to four courses and wait staff service. A pub-style restaurant will offer inside seating with a bar and large screened televisions, as well as outside seating. And the final, fast/casual restaurant will offer deli-style selections. 

Meals at any of the restaurants can be packaged and taken to go.

“Everyone has different needs at different times,” says Plumadore. “The variety of options both in menu items and venues ensures that we meet those needs.”

Windsor Run community members will cover the cost of their meals with an allowance included in their monthly service plan.

“Our plan offers the ultimate flexibility,” says Plumadore. “Residents can use their meals wherever and whenever depending on their eating habits. It also provides the flexibility to go elsewhere to eat without losing anything or feeling like you can’t leave. For example, you can choose to enjoy three meals at Windsor Run one day, eat out the next day, and enjoy a meal with family on the third day. It’s all about what works best for you.”

Looking forward

Plumadore will return to Windsor Run this fall for a series of focus groups of reservists with the goal of designing the community’s first menus. 

“Because it is our goal to offer a regional-specific menu, our reservists have the unique opportunity to impact the menu choices at Windsor Run,” he says. “I like to use the chicken and dumplings example. Chicken and dumplings to someone who grew up in Pennsylvania may be very different from chicken and dumplings in North Carolina. Our goal is to get it right.”

Upcoming events

Based on the popularity and success of Plumadore’s presentation and informative question and answer session, Windsor Run hosted two additional Live Well sessions. Jim Walter, Erickson Living’s vice president of finance, discussed the community’s financial stability and structure, and Dr. Matt Narrett, Erickson Living’s chief medical officer, spoke to the many benefits of Windsor Run’s on-site medical center and comprehensive healthy living lifestyle.

A fourth session, led by Sharon Baksa, regional director of sales, sales development, and training, will take place this month. Baksa will address the ways Erickson Realty and Moving Services helps future residents make a stress-free move from their current house to their new Windsor Run home. 

Reservations for the first Windsor Run homes rose exponentially following each of the previous presentations, and it is anticipated this month’s event will see the same results. 

“Oftentimes there is a question or two that keeps people from making the final jump,” says Marlene Victorine, Windsor Run’s sales counselor. “These presentations afford people the opportunity to ask these questions—not just to us in the sales office, but directly to Erickson Living leadership. What they discover is that every detail has been well thought out and put to the test. Windsor Run enjoys the extraordinary benefit of learning from the 18 Erickson Living communities that came before us. And the result is the unbeatable lifestyle community members will enjoy at Windsor Run.”