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Personalized moving assistance takes the edge off of selling and moving

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May 5th, 2017
Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg meets with prospective residents in their home, armed with a magnetic floor plan of their new apartment at Wind Crest.

Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg

Whether you’re moving to Wind Crest in one month or one year, Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg provides personalized assistance to help make the load—and the experience—a lot lighter. 

She can help you select a real estate agent, home inspector, moving company, and senior move manager. And while most people moving to Wind Crest have to downsize, she provides a helping hand with that too. Here, she explains what she offers and why it’s such a useful resource. 

Q: What does a personal moving consultant, like yourself, do? 

A: A personal moving consultant is a professional experienced in real estate, downsizing, and staging and well versed in the area’s real estate and moving vendors. I work one-on-one with people who have reserved a home at Wind Crest to take the weight of moving off their shoulders. 

Q: I’ve heard you mention the term “home visit” before. What happens at a home visit?   

A: I visit prospective Wind Crest residents in their current home. We make a plan for the small home improvements that will greatly increase the value of their current home and create a timeline for their move, including how and when to get the house ready, a to-do list, and home listing and moving plans. 

We also create a downsizing plan. I find that most people really aren’t attached to their stuff; they just don’t know what to do with it. That’s where all of our resources come into play. My clients are thrilled to learn that we can recommend and coordinate estate sales, auctioneers, and buyouts and cleanouts. 

Through the process of working together with me, my clients often learn they don’t really want all the stuff taking up space in their house. Then the downsizing process becomes easy. The sentimental items can go to family, or we can usually add them to the floor plan of their new Wind Crest apartment. 

Generally, people have more “stuff” than sentimental things of value. When we go through it in a systemized manner together, they easily recognize the difference between the two. 

Q: How successful has the program been at Wind Crest?

A: I recently ran into one of our first residents. Norma has been here for nine and a half years. She said her biggest worry when she was downsizing was regret. Almost ten years later, she has never regretted a thing she gave away. That speaks for the majority of our residents and shows the impact of our program as well as the worry-free Wind Crest lifestyle.

Q: When during the moving process should people start working with you?

A: With the last residence building of the High Line neighborhood now taking reservations, it’s never too early to start, especially if you want to move sooner. Apartment homes in our existing buildings do become available, so the sooner you start the process, the more prepared you’ll be to move when the home with your preferred features becomes available, whether that’s in one week or one year. And the earlier you start, the less overwhelmed you’ll be moving. 

Nine times out of ten, people just don’t know where to begin. That’s why my services that coordinate all realty and moving needs are complimentary—we want the moving process to be as easy and painless as possible so you can start enjoying the Wind Crest lifestyle as quickly as possible.

It’s important to not wait until your new home is ready to begin preparing your current house for the market. Start now. We can spend valuable time preparing your house so it’s in tip-top shape to hit the market.

3 things you’ll learn from downsizing

Beth Brandenburg’s notes from seven years as a personal moving consultant:

1. You don’t miss those items you were hanging onto for a rainy day. There’s no need to keep items you no longer use.

2. When you see the results of downsizing, you’ll feel like you got rid of the “monkey on your back.” You will feel liberated and physically lighter. 

3. When you move to Wind Crest, you are moving into a more manageable household. You’ll appreciate not having unused space to clean and the fact that your home is directly connected to all of the community’s amenities.